Rescue Journal

i guess i should introduce the new guys...

Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2013

jet is a beautiful long haired senior cat...she is currently in the medical room until i can get her tested and moved into the communal area. she is a bit upset by all of the stressful events in the past 48 hours, she wouldn't eat last night. hopefully she settles out soon.

i don't know the name of the other cat..well actually i do cuz laney told me her name yesterday.....i just can't remember it right now. anyway..i haven't caught her yet so will introduce her when i do.

hubby is a senior daxi..he came in to deanna from either a back yard breeder or a puppy mill a few years ago. he came in with a younger, busier daxi who drove deanna nutz so deanna passed her to us (she was adopted by our barn volunteer...this would be you guys maria and francesca,.and yes hubby is related to your little weiner babe... most likely her dad.) we have been providing hubby's medical care for the past few years, deanna kept him as a saints foster, he was good company for her and she really loved him. (deanna was also manny's foster mom who came to us when his care became far too heavy for her to safely manage.)

i set hubby up in the medical room too for the night. he was too overwhelmed in the mp room and that area is now full anyway. i have permanently kicked fletcher out of my room (as of last night) he really is seriously upsetting the little guys (and me) and one of them is going to have a heart attack because of that freaking puppy so he is not allowed in my room any more.
i will bring hubby over to my room when he settles a bit more. hubby is ALL about food (all daxi's are walking stomachs) and he is a very sweet and cute little guy...he too has had a hard time of it the past couple of days.

anyway..saints welcomes hubby, jet and hopefully sometime today, the other little cat with the briefly forgotten name.