Rescue Journal

you have to wonder some times...

Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2013

how far we can stretch? i can maybe go a bit farther than most because i have you folks! (and thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for ALL of the things that you continually do!!!)

anyway..before i actually found the will, i thought deanna was SOL..can't do much to help without her authority and maybe she had changed her mind (i was secretly hoping she had!). such luck..once i found it i knew i was hooped. i am basically a girl scout at heart, give my word of honor about something and i do keep it..even if it hurts.

and honestly? i am glad i can do this for her...she trusted me with the leftover things from her life.

but that brings me back to my original question...because even without you guys..i could (somehow??..) get thru this. i just might be dead at the end of it all.

so how far can we stretch?

i think realistically..we can stretch as far as we choose. god somehow made us of silly putty..silly enough to go as far as we will and stretchy enough to manage it too.

it is the words.."i can't"... that put the brakes on us and stop us dead in our tracks.

we need to believe in ourselves..i can and i can and i can.

of course that doesn't necessarily mean that .."i should."

i hope you are laughing your ass off at me right now deanna....when i get to the other damn well better run really fast!



not cursing you nicole..i do understand... but not quite laughing either. altho i must say that puppy is pretty damn cute and sweet on the other side of the bedroom fence.


I love your details, and your rationale. :) Can I ask again in a month and see if the answer is the same?

Hang in there, I know this isn't easy for you right now. :(


I still can't take the puppy.
(I hope you laugh at that instead of cursing my name)


i want to come back as a rock..but not one big enough for someone to have to blow up...and not pretty enough for somone to pick up and polish or make into jewelry or anything. just a little plain boring rock to harmlessly roll around on the ground that no one even ever sees.


In your next life I hope you come back as something like a lazy boy can lean back, relax, offer some comfort without doing anything more than leaning back a little further...what would you like to come back as? :)