Rescue Journal

the canine call bell.

Carol  ·  Jan. 28, 2013

i did not want to get out of bed this morning, hubby and i were all cuddled up....(wait! that doesn't sound right)..i mean the old weiner and me...
never mind, forget it.
(darn you deanna and your sense of humour in naming that dog!)

anyway..i did not want to get up this morning and it pissed me off that the reason i HAD to get up at that very minute was because phoebe was barking and fussing cuz she was cold. her blanket had fallen down to the floor and she wanted me to retrieve it and cover her up warmly again.

oh my freaking gawd, you are such an inconsiderate hag.

i did it but i bitched at her the whole way thru....she. did. not. care.

oh well, i had to get up anyway..i need to get the diabetics done before i leave for the lawyers. still i would have preferred to get up because my agenda required it, not because my services were required by a diva who was feeling a draft.

i really better get moving tho, i am not even dressed yet.



"Diva feeling a draft" Ha ha ..crack me up cuz i can so picture that playing out..thx for that !!