Rescue Journal

the long road home.

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2013

it was a long day.. i left the house just before 9am and didn't step back in until just a few minutes ago.
quite a bit accomplished today tho..the house is starting to look like we are making some progress, the dump bin arrived and that helped a lot.
big thx to mo, penny and jamie for all of their hard work today...and big thx to curt who was also ready to rock and roll but we were not quite ready for him yet.

i got a line on where the signed will might be... deanna took some documents into her family doctors..but i am now thinking it may just be the health directive so i am trying not to get too relieved until i know which document it is for sure. i will try to follow up with this tomorrow.

new dog in from the spca...12yr old snoopy is a poodle cross...a family surrender due to divorce. seems like a very nice dog except he has a history of being a bit of a dick head around food...growling and snapping at other animals and at humans. his kidneys are apparently not great and he is a bit thin but other than that he seems pretty healthy. i told them we are now full for at least a couple of months again (depending on deaths and adoptions.) there may be a small maltese cross that needs us from animal control..waiting to hear back on her. but whether she comes here or not, we have to take a break from intakes for awhile.

well..i can't do a long post (i hear those sighs of relief!)..i need to go and hang out with snoopy while he tries to get his bearings in this very strange place.

oh..and i don't think whiggy has eaten yet so i am going to be keeping a close eye on her..jet is eating and settling well so that is ok.

leaving saints to work on the house again on wed. morning at 10:30.



hi about thurs or one of those work ok for you? that gives me time to finish off the still box cluttered kitchen and move some stuff down to the thrift store and food bank..then we should have clear, uncluttered walking paths right thru the house to the computer stuff in the back bedroom. it will be easier to carry any computer stuff out as we need.

oh and does anyone know where the mission food bank is, and what are their hours for accepting donations?

Janice ter Borg

SAINTS should register for this as soon as possible as it ends Feb 8th. They are giving $50,000 away to charities!! SAINTS has to register & then all of us supporters go to the site & nominate SAINTS. Just need charitable #. Can only enter once from each computer I think.

shelagh f

MY electrician didn't finish today either, we'll see
who's bill is higher, Helga. If finished in good
time I will be back too, otherwise see what the
weekend brings.(dentist cancelled)


My electricians will let me know 8:30ish tomorrow if they are coming to finish the job. If they aren't coming I will come over too.


every day maggie til it is done..i just haven't decided a firm time yet(i have some saints things to take care of first so i need to figure out the timing of things) but will post it as soon as i do.

oh what the hell..i will just be ready to leave here at 1030...might not get back to the computer again tonight!