Rescue Journal

i hate disrupted nights sleep.

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2013

benny has needed out three times so far, daphne has diarrhea, al is bitching at june and andy is bitching at the puppy and every freaking hour or two, someone is waking me up. my head is so full of requests and contradictions, he said/she said regarding deanna's estate from her friends, and i can't find the signed will yet, and there is only this week before i have to go back to work to deal with all of this and when i wake up each time..i can't turn off the shit in my head.
oh and today i better get rid of that gun that we found or i might be tempted to use it.

i did chuckle yesterday at breakfast when we were discussing the senior rescuer post..penny asked if the seniors were scarier than me? i laughed..there is no comparison, they were ofttimes a very prickly and quick to anger bunch and they could and would hold a permanent grudge. you did not dick around poking the tigers...not if you had half a brain. you did what you were told, and you wholeheartedly agreed every step of the way or the door was slammed in your face. and i am not faultng them for this either..they had too much shit going on to waste time on a nincompoop or a possible traitor.

i am chuckling again..not sure which i was by the sudden and abrupt end of my apprenticeship, maybe both! but i sure as shit did not graduate from the rescue trench with blue ribbons or honors...just got the boot..kicked out of the or fall so to speak.
it was effective.
anyway...i am a lamb in comparison, but i don't think penny believed me!

rescue has changed a lot over the years. there is more transparency and accountability now and because our resources have greatly improved, our standards of care are better. rescues are not so much like refugee camps like they were in the past..we are more like half way houses now.

but we have lost a few important things along the way too. those woman did not pretend, or play rescue musical chairs ..they were really out there, giving their all and doing rescue. there was no on and off again with them...they did it every minute of the day and they didn't take mental vacation breaks. there was no glory to be had...there was no money to be made. they would be horrified at hundreds of dollars in adoption fees. it was NEVER about money...just get the animal a decent home...that is all that they cared about. they ALWAYS took their animals back immdiately if room at the inn excuses never did fly....nor maybe the new owner should just euthanize..that NEVER happened with any animal..just get them safely back to their original rescue and this was universal. if you donated money to those senior rescues ..the money got spent directly on rescue. all of them had crappy on their last leg cars, they scrambled to buy gas or used snow tires to keep mobile in winter...they cashed in saved or donated bags of pop bottles, they sold personal belongings to make it thru the hard heirlooms became just another way to pay for a spay.
kathe once told me i would end up just like her..i said no i won't because i will never up certain having a flushing toilet or functioning hot water bath tub. i will give up a lot for the animals but i ain't ever giving up either of those...and i won't ever give up my job to rescue 24 hours a day either..i like working outside of rescue, it keeps me sane.

there i go..blah, blah, blah with another should be sleeping post.
damn dogs for messing with my sleep..i am going to be seriously bagged today.