Rescue Journal

is hope floating? i think not.

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2013

i went back to sleep for a couple of hours...apparently the dogs were finally done with their torturing me. nugget and jerome woke me up a few miutes ago with their cockadoodling.
oh yay another day repeating freaking exciting.

snoopy had an ok first night i suppose..he is not having a meltdown but he was anxious and restless. he was up and down, on and off the bed all night much of that was due to my own up and down, is anyone's guess.

sigh..a couple of midnight yoyo's.

jazzy is eating poop again..i thought i had cleaned it all up??? and chloe never came out fordinner last night...well, ok...not when i was around to see her.
i wish i could be perpetually high energy cheery in between my bitchy periods like jazzy but i pretty much just feel like an emotional and physical slug like eeyore.

man i have got to get that house done! if we can get the upstairs done today..maybe we can get thru the basement and really be done by friday.

get rid of the gun carol...just get rid of the gun.



my guess is..deanna liked moose and had a few moose collectibles. her friends knew she liked moose and brought her every moose thing they ever came across.

i like baileys..oh and i like ten dollar bills. my friends are welcome to bring me lots of both of them!

penny got you a moose dionne!


Me too, Mo. How does one become consumed with owning hundreds of moose whatnots? Where does it begin? And why moose?

shelagh f

I have my little snow globe in the kitchen window,
and I will leave it there to remind not collect too
much stuff. But if I do, hopefully I would have
someone like Carol there to help me. Not too many
of us would.

Erin, don't you see enough real turds, you need fake

Mo guys crack me up...Erin if you really want that moose mug..fill your boots baby..Penny if you can grab any other moose stuff go for it. And believe me..i will not be collecting moose
.i collect things i can actually bottle opener fridge magnets...I am very curious how and why Deanna got into Moose..or Mooses..that will haunt me


she will be chuckling cuz i made all of you guys take one..great big moose fearing babies!
(don't even think of tossing them out either..BOTH deanna and i will haunt you forever..embrace becoming a born again moose hugger.)


We sure are getting a lot of mileage out of Deanna's moose collection. I hope, wherever she is, she's smiling.


hey polly..the staff are her mon-fri 9am can always drop off stuff within those days and times, someone is always around. sorry i didn't see your comment until now!


Carol was Oprah yesterday "you get a moose, you get a moose, everyone gets a moose"

LMAO Mo about the throw.


Penny...I have all the food in my van so I will drop it all off at the shelter tomorrow.


Hey, Mo. For a person with a sense of humor: in the garage sale stuff Maggie dropped off for me earlier is a moose mug. On the outside along with the moose pictures it reads'May your cup always be two turds full'. The interior sports two ceramic turds. Interested?


Hey Mo - didn't get your last message until I got home (just now) but I had picked out five of the moose. Maybe the "stuffy" moose bag is still at the house. If it is, I can get some of those too?

Carol, there is a homeless shelter next to the Salvation Army store in Mission, and the lady at S.A. said the shelter would take the food. It's in the "Christmas Bureau" building. Maybe we can sort something out tomorrow.


Mo...believe me if you start collecting moose I personally will arrange an intervention!
Carol made me take one today and I also got away with just a fridge magnet.

shelagh f

Mo, they couldn't all be gone, there were hundreds!
I got a very nice and tiny snow globe moose. We
couldn't leave without a moose of some sort.


Hey Mo - I have the box of moose ornaments in my car and was planning on dropping them off at Salvation Army on my way out to get chores done this afternoon. I'll pick a few out for you, to give to your friend!!!!!


Hello '' any one there? i have food to deliver ? any one going to be at Saints this afternoon? ' in a bit' Just leaving to pick up i will go pick up and leave my cell # if you want me to deliver like thursday instead? call please . but i need to be in mission today so it would be ok .....Pollyb 604 9161635 cell'''


Hey I just had lunch with a friend of mine & she has a friend turning 60 in April and he also collects Moose.. so if anyone wants to grab a bunch for me .. I can pass to her to give to him as a joke...if they are already gone .. no worries..was just a thought.

I begged Carol to not make me take a Moose..she was I found a small magnet that is now on my fridge..then driving home I notice that the throw I also scooped... is a Moose.. stop me if I look like I am starting to collect them...pleeeease.

shelagh f

I don't think anyone has mentioned, if you help,
you get a free moose of your choice. That should
get some people interested.