Rescue Journal

feeling a bit better.

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2013

i had a hot bath, a couple of peices of toast for dinner and a double dose of muscle relaxants. i will sadly pass on the baileys tho, not a good mix with the meds.
hubby is much better tonight..perkier and his respirations are not so labored and fast. lot's of kisses from him since i got home. i am just about to give him his bedtime lasix and vetmedin and i think he is well on the road to feeling better again.


snoopy is settling in ok..he is currently asleep on my pillow.i just haven't had much time to spend with him but hopefully can make it up to him pretty soon.

blonde buddy is sleeping in the playpen,,it is so cute to see the big dogs sleeping in there.

i finally ran into chloe, she is ok so i can quit worrying about her.

i pulled all of my laundry out and it is ready for me to get to on the weekend. then i will be well prepared to return to work next week.

i stripped the bed down tonight so between the nice bath and clean bed, i am feeling not too bad. i just need to toss the loads around so i can get my bed stuff into the machines. too tired to catch up on the saints laundry tonight but it is only one basket so not a big deal.

well if i were to move my a few minutes i could in relative comfort actually go to bed!

sheila..i will wait for you in the morning so don't stress.

curt the computer stuff is long gone..but deanna was on the world's absolute slowest dial up so she really only used it for playing games.