Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 2, 2013

i tracked down deanna's long lost son and grandson finally..unfortunately both have passed away..her son about 10 yrs ago and her grandson in 2009. i ended up calling anyone with the same last name in thunderbay and this nice man while not a relative, knew they had both passed away.he was able to direct me to the archived online obit's in the local paper.
i find all of this just so incredibly sad.
lynne might know which notary deanna used for her will so she will check it out for me on monday...i really hope this pans out. i do not want to leave her stuff unfinished with a public trustee, it would feel like she had nobody...and she did have

i think i will pack up all of deanna's family history stuff and maybe send it to the thunderbay local museum.. don't know what else to do with it all and maybe an unknown relative will come across it there one day.

saints stuff today...

squeaky went home with johanna looks like it is going to be a great match. apparently johanna's milo who was adopted from me 10 years ago and just recently passed away, left a signed will. he very generously left something to help care for all of the other animals here and he personally left me a GIANT bag of cadbury easter eggs (mmm) and an even MORE giant bottle of baileys!

thank you milo, you were a very good and kind dog.

it was nice putting the barn guys to bed tonight, i haven't been around them since last weekend...ellie got an extra apple for dessert because i felt guilty.

newbies hubby, jet, whiggy, snoopy and nicki are all doing ok. but tina is a bit overwhelmed...both hubby and nicki are after her constantly trying to hump her..she says it sucks to be popular.

i had lunch with erin, jamie and lynne today that was really nice...and thx lynne for scooping my one is on me!

no other real news i least nothing that i can brain is soggy for some reason today and no i haven't been into the baileys...(yet.)


janet nicholson

Another suggestion for Deanna's family history may be the Genealogical Society in Thunder Bay. There may be other relatives of Deanna's who wondered just where she ended up - never guessing it would be Mission BC! You are a good friend to take care of her treasures.

Janice ter Borg

Awww, how sweet of Milo to remember SAINTS and Carol in his will. What a smart doggie!


I took a video of Fletch today and brought it home to my dog to see if she could maybe love him. Toot took one look at him and tried to eat my phone. :(
He is a wonderful puppy and more and more well behaved Everytime I see him. What a wonderful bunch of senior puppy trainers he lives with :)


do you think Deanna knew?

that sounds like a great idea about the museum. the items need to find a place to be remembered, if they were important enough that she kept them.

awww! Milo!! <3