Rescue Journal

too early to talk about anything interesting.

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2013 holidays are once again done. back to work in the real world again today.
not even sure what to say about this past vacation week except maybe next time i take vacation days, i should try going some place nice like hawaii.

if being bagged out tired is any indication of jumping in with both feet and really living..i am so freaking alive that i feel close to dead. that is a good thing isn't it?
it may be a toss up today tho if we had a who is currently more wrecked here...carol or the animals?
i think i would most likely win.
too bad i don't win anything, except more of the same.

the animals all had a great weekend...big thx to everyone who pitched in around here in various ways to help them have that great weekend. i am feeling a little less guilty because i actually did lay eyes on everyone here finally..twosey is so freaking cute...emily is so freaking sweet, dixie is so freaking beautiful, ellie is so freaking incredible in every way, carl is such a freaking was good being with them all again.

i guess since this current vacation is officially over, i bettter get dressed and my butt into work.