Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 7, 2013

erin called me and said fletcher was acting weird. when i got home at lunch time he had become a nice and polite and quiet puppy so i rushed him down to the vets.he had fuids and bloodwork again plus an anti-nausea injection because he started barfing this afternoon too. he is home now and we are awaiting the bloodwork results to see what the heck is bugging him now. in the meantime because he feels like shit and is being a good and quiet boy, i am letting him snuggle into my bed again for the night...he feels far too crappy to bug the little guys.

new cats coming in...riverside is an ancient skinny old thing with bad ears and probable dementia..and it looks like he has ringworm. keith wilson is an old brown tabby and i forget what his issues are but whatever they are i think he is pretty much unadoptable too. both cats are unclaimed strays and i will pick them up from the shelter sometime in the next few days.

jet and whiggy had their vet checks..both are negative for FIV and FeLV. both cats are far younger than i thought...somewhere around 4 yrs old so hopefully we can find them really good homes since they are not ancient old farts. hope floats that someone will fall in love with them....soon.