Annual Pub Fundraiser March 23rd - Mission Springs Brewing Co.

Carol  ·  Feb. 8, 2013

This announcement is coming very late because it was very hard to find a place this year. The place last year went out of business and the new guys didn't want to take a group as large as ours on a Saturday night. And apparently other pubs no longer will do pub nights on Friday and Saturday nights. So this year we are going to have it on a Saturday afternoon between 2 PM and 5 PM

I also ended up having fluid ethics around the food - the other 3 years I wanted to just go by the menu that the pub had and not choose so that SAINTS wasn't making a comment on whether people should or should not be vegetarian / vegan. But if we wanted to have an venue I had to go with what was offered so - it is going to be a burger and beer/ wine night - with an option for vegetarian burger.

I just confirmed everything this afternoon so the poster will be up on the news and events section, tickets will go on sale, and more details will all be posted by Monday. I just wanted everyone to know. Oh yes... Barn People, MP People and House People get ready for the Amazing Raise again ... but this year there is going to be a winners prize.