Rescue Journal

trade in time?

Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2013

i was supposed to have this weekend off but like a fool, i picked two 5-9 shifts and an extra full shift next week. i did have 5 in a row i just have mon/wed. i don't know why i did that, it seemed like an ok idea at the time but it was not. big sigh, my super woman stupidity runs pretty damn deep.

the guys were pretty frantic by the time i got home last night so it was not a restful night and every time i woke up some freaking part of me hurt. i hope that new bed will help make sleeping less painful. i am a bit worried tho that maybe it won't and that will so suck.

bottom line i think is.... i maybe don't need a new bed as much as i need a new body....some strong and healthy and not messed up 20 yr old thing would come in quite handy. maybe saints should think about trading me in and upgrading for a newer, improved, more up to date rescuer model with less mileage...maybe it is time.
anyone want to apply???

note to barn folks...i totally screwed up and didn't get around to ordering shavings until yesterday when the plant office was closed. so i can't really put in the order for more shavings until tuesday when they open again. if we can't make what is there last til shavings get here later next week, i guess i will have to go and buy bales of shavings to get us thru.
and that will serve me right for being even more stupid than usual.
sorry... a newer/improved model would have been more on top of that.

it's a whole new old rescuer day...lets see what other important things i can forget.



Im going to come out and drop some donated food off tomorrow ... is there a better time to do that?


there is sill a whole other pallet of pellets out there brenda..we just haven't broken into it yet.

Brenda Mc

Carol; Susie said that she brought in the last bag of wood pellets today from the shop to fill up the litter bins - thought I'd let you know. I hope your new bed gives you a restful sleep tonight.

Bunny Horne

You are SO WRONG - I know plenty of younger models and sadly most couldn't hold a candle to you.

Brent and I are on site tomorrow to give Lexy a hand with the barn dudes. Will bring some veggies and pairs for breakfast. If you need Brent to do anything special tomorrow please let us know.


try looking at they usually have very good prices for memory foam to put between your mattress and your mattress cover/bottom sheet. it's great stuff!