Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 13, 2013

my job yesterday and today was to stay with griffin. he is such a good baby, never cried. he woke up to eat and look around for a bit, a diaper change when needed and then went right back to sleep. but what i found absolutely fascinating was..whenever he really focused on me..i could so clearly hear him thinking ...who ARE you?

he so obviously knew that he was not in the arms of his mom. he didn't object, he just looked perplexed. but that babe was totally aware that i was a substitute.
of course this makes sense, he has been safely and lovingly carried inside of ang for 9 months. just because he is now outside doesn't mean he forgets who his mom is...that mother/son bond began at his conception. he also knew exactly who was his dad. whenever eric came back that baby was more like a baby and less like an intellectual trying to solve a perplexing puzzle.

i am sure that baby is a pretty deep thinker. and i am stunned at the level of awareness he has. i am so happy that he will get to be with his mom again for a bit tomorrow. griffin really does know where he belongs, he just hasn't had the chance to get there yet...but tomorrow he will.

life is good....and so are sons, daughters, sons and daughters in law and grandchildren. i have the best in the world....and the newest little one is pretty darn cute!



Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! What a great Valentine gift for you Carol - a new grandson, and your daughter-in-law is recovering. So happy for you.


I have walked in your shoes and know the relief you are now feeling. Hold your loved ones close.


What a a scare & a lesson in not taking life and our loved ones for granted. Can't wait to see pics of Griffin.

Hoping everything goes smoothly from here on in & Ang, Eric,Annabell & griffin are all under the same roof ASAP.

On a totally separate note.. does anyone have any experience of knowledge of the breeder Aspenridge labradoodles ? Call me if you are not comfortable putting anything here 604 466 703zero. Thanks

Bunny Horne

This blog entry brings tears to the eyes. The moment wee Griffin is reunited with his Mommy will be magical. Best wishes for a great day for the entire family.