Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2013

RCH is letting griffin stay with his mom but as ang is still far too weak to manage him on her own, we are taking turns..i lucked out with the 10-6 shifts so i can still care for the animals here in the evenings. however, just so everyone knows..i won't be around saints again tomorrow...and i am back to work on the weekend.

puff has escalated into a snarling, snapping fault. i knew his feet were again sore and he has a pooh butt but have been too busy to do anything about either one. he goes into the vet tomorrow to get fixed up, renee will drop him off..hopefully he will soon return to his normal dickheaded self instead of the raging beast.

the lawyers called registered will to be found. i will try to get in to see them next week for advice on how to proceed because the public trustee said it is unlikely they will take on the case as the estate is not worth much of anything at all. not sure what happens next but i just want to make sure that whatever it is..i have fulfilled my legal and moral obligations before i walk away.

well..i just had a quick bite to eat..thx so much shelagh! now i better get the meds and feedings and quick clean ups done cuz i am beyond bagged tonight.



I really hope your daughter in law gets well soon so she can go home with her family :)


Carol - I live just a few blocks from RCH. Please let me know if you or your family need anything while you're there.


when my mum explained to me why Griffin was released instead of at RCH with his mum (at first), i was in disbelief. she also added, "They'd have NEVER done that a few years ago." i'm glad this has changed, for however sick Ang is...? mum did explain how bad it must have been if she needed that many units of blood.
i have friends who are young CFer moms who go through terrible times when they're admitted. (they generally don't have their kids in with them, even if they're a few months old.) i know this is different.
i'm so glad he's with his mum some of the time, and his family for the rest. he's a lucky kid. :-)