Rescue Journal

when the going gets tough...

Carol  ·  Feb. 15, 2013

the tough hand out catnip.

i don't do it very often cuz it turns half of the cats into nutbars and the other half into zombies.
but when i am really stressed, i decompress by watching the cats act like a bunch of morons.

who'd have thought that whiggy would be the funniest. she swipes at any cat stupid enough to get near her pile of glee and then she charged into the bathroom and repeatedly beat the shit out of the empty bathtub. i grabbed some toys and tossed them in with her and it became a feline version of roller ball. she is quite passionate (aka violent) in her play and i finally made her get out cuz i was afraid she might actually break my tub!

and now i know why deanna named her whiggy..that cat on a catnip high is completely insane!