Rescue Journal

did anyone notice anything different with griffin (the dog!) today??

Carol  ·  Feb. 17, 2013

he was ok this morning when i left to take care of annanbelle but was quiet in the playpen when i got home tonight. i just fed and went to do the diabetics and there is now a TON of bloody pee on the floor and girffin is back in the playpen and growling at me. i am wondering if he got stepped on by a barn animal, or tumbled today by one of the bigger dogs or tripped on by a visitor? it seems to be too much blood for a simple bladder infection.

any clues if there are any as to why he is suddenly so ill would be helpful.
i have to go back to the hospital for a few hours this evening for my shft with caring for the baby..if he is still down when i get home, i will take him over to emerg. if he is better, he can wait til tomorrow when the clinics open. but it would be nice if i could offer some insight to the vets into why he has suddenly changed so significantly.

thx..any thoughts on even minor occurences with him today would be greatly appreciated.



I was only there until 11 today but i did not see griffin out at the barn at all this morning. Hope he's ok.

Brenda Mc

At 12:30, I was checking on the guys, and Griffin had thrown up in his playpen, and was growling at anyone coming near, while he lapped it back up. I did manage to clean up some of it before he looked after the rest. Otherwise, he seemed fine. I did not see any bloody pee at all. At 1pm I left and he seemed ok to me. My focus was on Hubby at that point. I hope Griffin is ok. Sorry, that's all I know.
A reminder Carol: please open up the foam mattress topper in the 5th wheel. I was able to unroll some of it, but it needed more time to puff up before doing anything more - I was afraid of tearing it open.
Also Carol: If I'm the last to leave the house, does Phoebe need to be in her Zen den. I did put her in at 1pm, but then later thought maybe I should have left her out?