Rescue Journal

love is a wonderful thing

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2013

ang and the babe will probably be going home tomorrow and this will be good for everyone, esp. annabelle who so misses her mom and eric who has been such a great anchor in his family's recent storm. they are all so tired, esp. will be nice for them to all be home, safe together again.

deanna's death certificates came in the mail on friday. i needed those to finish off a few things regarding the estate. hopefully i can send them out where they need to go by the end of this week and be done wih my part of this....then it will become the problem of whoever deals with will-less estates. i need to call the lawyer today tho to get in there and make sure i am literally good to go and be done. i returned the house keys to the landlord a few days ago so i have crossed the house off my list too. i have some time today before i go to the hospital so i think i will get all of the paperwork/documents in order and ready to go too.

griffin and i got home about 2am from animal emerg last night. he is doing ok today..still some bloody stools but he is eating again and the meds are kicking in to help him feel better. the bill was a bit smaller than we were quoted, about $2000 total so that was a bonus. i am so glad he is home.

it has been a few difficult weeks for me..thx to everyone who gave me a hand in getting thru things.

and this is what i have learned lately...
life periodically is what it is. there are times when everything around us spirals out of our control. sometimes all we can do is the best that we can. these past few weeks, i couldn't fix anything...deanna died and i can't untangle her final affairs. my grandson was born and his mom's life was at huge risk, my son is exhausted and annabelle is confused. all i did was be there if needed and try to not make things even more difficult or challenging for the people i care for so deeply.

it is hard being human. it is hard for all of us sometimes. it is hard sometimes just finding right and not falling head first into wrong. we are human, and so are the people we love. what stays with me from that book i just read is the message of unconditional love. if everything we do, comes from that one simple place..we might be where we need to be...for ourselves and for others too. we can't always fix things. somethings are beyond us. we can't be the perfect answer to everything or to everyone. but we can be there...willingly.

imperfect as we are...that might be the best that we have.

life is good but friends and family are even someone today...tomorrow doesn't always get here.



"Proof of Heaven...A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife"
by Eben Alexander, M.D.


isn't it truly amazing that we learn or understand so much about ourselves and others around us when lour lives become very messy and scary. Carol you need to tell us the name Of this book which you were coincidentally reading at the right time.