Rescue Journal

heads up to all barn folks

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2013

raven had another "episode" yesterday. it appears he is having small seizures or something where he suddenly and without warning stumbles and goes down or actually falls. the vet was out and checked him over again. he has reminded me to warn everyone to use extreme caution when near raven. he is totally unaware of who is standing right next to him and has no control when these things happen and could accidently and severely injure someone if he falls on them or pins them between his body and a fence or a wall.

please make sure there is adequate space between you and any danger if raven has another seizure like episode without warning.



this makes me really sad. he finally has a great home filled with people who love him, a full tummy, a best friend and now he might not be well enough to bask in all the better-late-than-never happiness that has finally come his way? it makes me really Pops.


can someone who witnessed it describe what was occurring when it happened please..when it happened to me i was leading himnout of barn with a lead rope loosley around his neck..when we got to the gate he stiffened..backed up a couple steps..went stiff and fell sideways...i am trying to determine if there is something that triggers these episodes. thx