Rescue Journal

not very bright of me.

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2013

i left here at 10 am and just got home now and missed picking up river and tigger from the vet clinic. i also did not pick up britneys eye meds or zsu zsu's pain meds cuz apparently i lost my saints hat today while i was doing family stuff. my brain used to be able to flip back and forth between nursing, saints and my family all in the same day....didn't do it so well today.

oh well..i suck..will try to do it better tomorrow.

there was a fairly long saints note for me when i got home..nothing critical, just erin bringing me up to speed so now i do have my saints hat back on. this would be a very good thing.

hot bath, whip thru the diabetics, feedings and meds and maybe i can catch part of idol tonight too. please don't have let those little bastards pee on my bed..i so do not feel like stripping and re-making it right now.

realistic hope floats for some things...but probably not that.



thx jamie but no need..i am there anyway today.

not yet brenda..maybe today???


Carol do you need/want me to pick up anyone or meds for you in the morning?

Brenda Mc

Carol, Speaking of memory : Did you ever get that memory foam on your bed?
Oh, and I brought Mac to work with me this week. He's a hit, and one of the mentally handicapped
residents loves the fact that he has to have eyedrops regularly (just like she does), and he has to wear a belly band (diaper to her), just like she does. Too funny...