Rescue Journal

erin's greatly loved foster "Bear" passed away today.

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2013

photo bear.jpg

he was a great dog who was lucky enough to end his life in a great home.
rest in peace bear...big hugs to erin and her family.
thank you for loving him so well.


Carol Ann

Oh Erin so sorry for your loss. Now he can look down here from heaven and see you ALL the time. Sending big hugs.


So sorry for your loss Erin. Bear was such a nice dog and he is a lucky boy to have you and your family towards the end of his life.


Oh sorry..Bear was a great dog and you and your family gave him the very best home ever. Take Care


So sorry for the loss of a very great dog, he was a handsome boy. For all that loved him he knew he had a great home with you Erin and family.

Ann C

Big hugs Erin so sorry for your loss. Sweet dreams Bear have fun with Bambi!


Oh Erin, so sorry. I know how much you loved that boy and gave him such a great home.

shelagh f

sorry Erin to hear about Bear. I never met him but
you did say he was the best dog ever, so it must be


We fall in love so easily with these seniors and then they are gone so soon, so very sorry for you loss. I am sure Bear loved every moment of his time with your family.

Bunny Horne

Thanks for giving such a super dog a super home. You were lucky to have one another. So sorry for your loss.


Erin and family, sorry for the loss of your handsome boy Bear....thanks for giving him a home full of love


hey erin maybe bear is saying hi to bambi booty. this totally sucks i am so glad to have had walks with you bear and bambi and our other tribe what can i say, just know how i care about you and i am so sorry. big hugs to you. bear was one lucky guy, as are all our foster and adopted dogs. love you erin and bear.


My sympathy, Erin. Thanks for giving him a great home at the end of his life.


I am so sorry, Erin. I know how much you loved Bear and how happy he was to be taken home and loved by you.


So sorry Erin & family. Bear was a lovely boy and he was very lucky to spend the end of his time with you.

Brenda Mc

Oh Erin, I'm so sorry to hear this. Bear certainly was very lucky to end up with you. He was such a beautiful boy.