Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2013

i was born into the world of bobby socks and saddle shoes, then came the space race, satellites, atomic weapons that could kill millions and a man on the moon.
yesterday shaw made me upgrade the cable to continue watching tv...all fine and dandy except now i haven't a clue any more how to work the tv or dvd and can't watch anything anyway.

you would think with all of the technology advances,that life would get simpler. but it doesn' just gets so freaking more complicated and everything just gets more difficult.

have you tried to buy a simple light bulb almost need an electrical engineering degree.

i have all of this techno shit my car, my house and my life that i haven't a clue how to use properly. i can turn the computer on and write a blog or an email or look something up on goggle..i can send and recieve calls on a cell phone and i used to be able to turn on a remote control and watch tv or a movie with the bed buddies. this was all good enough (and hard enough) for me.

i don't want to be saturated in cables and wires..i don't want to sit there for hours pressing countless buttons on multiple remotes that don't do the one thing that i want them to turn on!

it honestly just pisses me off.

bobby socks and saddle shoes were pretty damn simple and might seem like they are from the dinasaur days but they actually did what the were supposed keep my feet safe.

i don't get the rest of this shit, it drives me insane.



Lol, I so agree. We haver four remotes for our tv and I had just figured out Shaw then we switched to Telus optic. Both have pros and cons but the telus remote is smaller and without my glasses, can't see a damn thing! Gotta love technology....NOT


Mine has a camera too, Lynne. And all kinds of other stuff. Since it is only meant for taking if I'm driving somewhere I hardly ever use it and have to read the little manual every time just to figure out how to make and take a phone call let alone try any of the other features. What I want is something like the hand set on my cordless phone - only smaller.

shelagh f

there is high tech, low tech, and no tech. That is me.
My son has shown me so many times how everything
works and he just can't understand how I can be so
stupid when it comes to all this stuff. I think the
point, like you, is I'm just not interested.
Guess your digital box is in and hope it looks pretty
on the shelf, if you can only look at it.


hey helga i have that i can do texts that is all and it is 40 a month. it isgreat and it has a camera on; it love it go to koodo.


Amen everyone. This from a person who would like a cell phone that simply makes phone calls and nothing else.


Count me in on the "frustrated with technology" group. It all makes me crazy. I just went through the whole "analog" to "digital" conversion as well.

Judy B.

I'm with you on that one Carol - can't stand the cable options etc and actually have no idea how to change things. MY dad said to me - the TV won't turn on - how do I make it work? Beats me... I have no idea. Probably just made it worse. You have to be a rocket scientist to figure out technology these days... imo I like easy and nothing is easy anymore! :)


I totally agree with you. I may be a few years younger than you, but have the same attitude. I don't want to have to spend my time learning how to turn on my TV/PVR (hubby always wants the latest), but, once I've figured out the basics, I can actually operate it (all those years of education do make it possible for us to learn new things, even if we are over 40!) I'd rather spend my time on low tech stuff that I enjoy (in the garden, cooking a good meal..playing with my dogs). I'm told by hubby I have no patience with technology - and that's true. I think we must learn how to adapt. What's so frustrating to most of us, is, as you point out, that technology should be make life simpler - it only does this if we have someone that can act as a teacher/interpreter. Not always easy and not always there when you're trying to turn on your favourite TV program and you've accidently hit the wrong button on your remote and now nothing seems to work and you have no idea why....