Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2013

catching up on the vet stuff today...

i picked up the special diets, med refills and scripts for the pharmacy meds.

i picked up the new cats from the clinic and apologised for not getting them yesterday...oops.

tigger has a broken tooth, his chest seems to be ok, his bloodwork is ok at the moment. so nothing too serious that we are aware of...not too bad for a 15 yr old guy.

river however is a bit of a mess. his bloodwork is ok in terms of kidneys and liver. but he is bit dehydrated, he has a chronic infection, most likely his skin. we will start with antibiotics (he had a convenia injection to make this easier for us) and daily baths on his crappy skin parts. we will see how he does.

snoopy's too thin...mucous membranes are pale, his blood is pretty serous and his mobility issues may be related to generalized weakness plus some spinal disease..however...the vet is expecting that he is quite anemic. we will see what the bloodwork says. that 12 yr old dog acts more like he is 18...but he sure is sweet.

ray's mouth was quite swollen today from his fall yesterday, he had some trouble eating..i called the vets to let them know and check in with my plan to deal with that. the staff gave him the meds to help reduce the swelling. we will see how he is tomorrow.

griffin continues to recover well. i am really happy about that..he is almost fully back to his crazy, cranky self...yay!

i am taking tomorrow off to recoup from these past few weeks of stress..(unless there is a crises in which case i guess i can't.) my plan (if all goes well!) is to get the hell out of dodge early and go to my daughter's and bake bread.