Rescue Journal

ah shit...

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2013

crashing saints again.

phone message from the vet..snoopy's bloodwork is horrid. really bad renal disease (which i guess is why he is peeing on my bed...) but his anemia is even worse and far too bad to be explained away by the poorly functioning kidneys. the vet said to call him in the morning and we can talk about it further. i knew there was seriously something oddly not right with that poor dog but i just couldn't put my finger on it. i am really liking snoop..maybe because as soon as i hit the bed, he snuggles in and lays his head across my neck. he really wants that closeness.

nicki has been off for the past 24 hours, last night i noticed she was being pretty good and not bugging anybody... that got me paying attention. the staff watched her today too and they said she was still eating and drinking but quieter and more subdued. when i checked her tonight....i am not sure if i found her just coming out of a seizure or what, but for a minute or two, i thought this was it and she was dying before my eyes. she then recovered a bit more and got up and wobbled to one of my pillows and laid down again. i am watching her like a hawk now and i will whip her over to emerg tonight if she scares me any more than she already has. i like her better when she is pissing everyone off, then i know she is feeling ok. if she does ok tonight, i will see if the vets can check her over tomorrow morning. poor tiny babe.

what's with the new guys crashing before they have even really fully settled in yet???