Rescue Journal

we are home from emerg...

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2013

the more i watched nicki, the more i thought, she wasn't post seizure...she was in acute pain. i wasn't sure where the pain was from...all four legs moved ok and i don't have xray eyes. i wasn't sure about anything except that poor little girl looked like she hurt big time.
anyway, i couldn't give her any pain meds not knowing what was up and she is so tiny, i wouldn't trust myself to figure out a proper dose even if i was sure about anything....which i was not.
i figured emergency is there for a looking at seriously messed up little dogs who didn't want to wait all night long to get some medical help.

nicki's spine is pretty damn screwed in a couple of different spots. the vet was surprised that she could still walk. looks like a bunch of her disc's are gone upper and mid spine (the radiologist will look the xrays over in the morning in more depth) and they look like they have been gone for awhile so her existing spinal disease is not a new problem.

but she most likely twisted her upper spine in the last day or so and it has been progressively getting more and more painful. i am to watch her for paralysis and keep her confined and quiet. she has a dose for some good pain meds and we will see if she starts to feel better soon with some meds and bedrest.

i bet she hurt herself humping somebody.... with that spine she is such a fragile little dumbell.



Poor baby I hope she is feeling better this morning.. poor you too carol.. what a run you have had the last while. At least it is sunny out today..that always helps a bit :-)