Rescue Journal

i am not mother theresa...

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2013

and neither is anyone else around here either.

and i get pretty damn frustrated by a whole lot of things. some days i can let it slide by and some days i let loose and fly...some days are better than others. it is a fact of life...being here is not always easy.

easy is a hot cup of coffee that hasn't been drooled in and a good, non peed on ain't shoveling shit, running to emerg at midnight or listening to someone bitch at you.

i take the good days and the bad days and the days inbetween. i take the days when someone is pissed at me for something i said or did or didn't. whatever. i deal with a lot of people..someone at sometime is not going to be all that happy with me about something.

ask me if i care?

well i do.

but..that doesn't stop me from carrying on in rescue.
this is not a game where i can pack up my toys and take them all home.
i am responsible for the quality of life of all of these animals.

i don't sugar coat shit. yesterday was not a great day. i am not blaming any one person or even one single group. i am saying that the accumulation of omissions in every area and room had a combined negative impact on both myself and some of the animals.

that can be taken personally and turned into an unfair attack. or it can be taken as it was intended...a blowing off of frustrated steam and a chance to look at what went wrong, what was missed so maybe next time one of us can step in and correct something before someone like buddy gets hurt.

anyone who wants this job is free to have it right now. i am all for mother theresa stepping in and taking over. but contrary to popular opinion...mother theresa had bad days too.she wasn't a saint. she was human..just like me and you.

and that is as close as anyone is going to get to an apology from me.



no need to apologise kim..i don't want anyone to feel bad. we all forget stuff.i just want all of us to open our eyes as we go to and fro, pay attention to if the animals are safe or need something more and watch each others (and the animals) backs.

with so many of us thru here..if someone forgets something, hopefully someone else will notice and fix it for them.


Carol-- I want to apologize to you and the dogs for not putting sufficient pee pads down in the computer room. I know how important it is, and I'm really sorry for screwing up :(


he is ok, back to his usual self...still too skinny, still too wobbly, still very frail. i honestly don't think he will be with us for long.


I met Frankie's dad yesterday. Nice man. He asked a number of questions about Max.
And yes, how is Black Buddy today?


You don't owe anyone an appoligy. If you didn't tell us what was wrong we wouldn't know not to do it again.
How is buddy today??