Rescue Journal

rescue is not ambiguous...

Carol  ·  Feb. 25, 2013

it is pretty damn clear. either we are "rescuing" and improving the lives of animals or we are not. there is nothing airy fairy, wishy washy about this...sitting on a fence won't take the animals all that far.

rescue requires that we move, that we do..that we are willing to forge ahead and risk making mistakes, risk occasionally being stupid or lost in order to learn.
rescue isn't a safe little box that we can open and close whenever we are in the mood.

none of us learned to walk without falling down. those of us that have learned to swim, learned because we wanted to be in the water and didn't like sinking. most things worth doing are probably pretty damn hard and to get good at whatever, we suffered our share of hard knocks.

the one thing i am not is a big giant weinie. i do not care how hard a rescue day can frustrate the hell out of me, it can piss me right off, it can bury me in sadness or in guilt or self pity.
and i will be right back at it the very next day.

i know i won't be ever be close to reaching perfect (and i don't expect anyone else to be either.) but i do care enough about how i do rescue to try hard to meet head first the realities.

if we cannot or will not provide a safe and decent quality of life to any animal here...then my job is to make sure we don't consign them to suffering from our lack. better to euthanize.

last fall we had 2 dogs develop pressure sores, i knew how it happened...i did not ensure that they got the consistent and level of care that they needed. i did not pretend it didn't happen, i did not pretend i didn't know. i did not pretend it was not my fault because it was.

and i fixed it.

my fixes are not always gentle, they certainly are not warm and fuzzy and they usually aren't all that pretty or nice. but they are effective. there is NOTHING that i will not do for these animals. they are my priority, they hold every string tied up, in, and around me.

there is no ambiguity.

it is no secret why saints does what it does..we do it because it can be done...with a few bumps and bruises along the way...but that is expected in rescue.

we are the beat up bumper pads that keep our animals safe and that too is expected in rescue.
(best to have a good supply of duct tape.)