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damned if you do...damned if you don't...

Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2013

it sucks.

but the one thing i have learned in rescue is...
if you are going to do better be able to do it without giving a shit if you're damned.

i have been called a hoarder before...all it takes is pissing someone off and out comes the hoarder card.

why do people use words whose meanings they don't know?
hoarding is a pathological condition of collecting large amounts of items and refusing to toss any away.

oh shit... maybe i am a hoarder cuz i ain't ever throwing any of these guys out!

but maybe i am not a hoarder because i will actually gift most of these animals to any and every great home who understands what special needs means. who can handle incontinence, can pay for expensive medical care, is willing to love and care well for someone who might die in a few months and has demonstrated qualities like patience, respect, comittment and good problem solving skills. are you someone like that? if so... i have many special someones for you to come and meet.


i want them to go. and last year, 40 of the messed up little buggers did get to go. but i am not just shovelling them out the door into the wrong kind of homes just because i am damned if i don't.

are you kidding me? i am already damned..i am currently living with bobo, odie, phoebe, jesse and puff plus all of the other sick, dying, leaking, not so dickheaded ones!

my plan is to suck it up and meet my responsibilities to them in this life so that maybe just maybe i can have some peace and quiet and comfort in my eternal afterlife.

if i start tossing them out without any care for what happens to them next, i can pretty much kiss that plan good bye. i will end up reincarnated back here to do it all over again...just the thought of that makes me want to stick a knife in my eye.

find me 100 good hearted, intelligent people who not only have the qualities and resources these animals need but are also willing to share them and i will empty out my home. find another dozen or so who are willing to rescue these types of difficult to place animals, and trust me i am DONE rescuing anybody.

i may not give you something you want but i sure as hell won't give you someone who will break you either. i am just not that mean.

want one of our animals?..then stand up and earn them. they are a priviledge to share a life with..not a right. and ugly words thrown at me won't ever change the fact that these guys are special needs animals who will require special people to continue to provide their special care.

find me more of these special people and i will continue to entrust our animals into their special care.



wow i put phoebe right up there with jesse. sorry renee and tammy not the most well behaved dogs lol i do agree that they both have a certain presence about them. good or bad who knows but jesse does like a good head scratch.


Don't worry Renee, I understand about Jesse being set up by the other dogs. It happens to Phoebe as well.
Due to her charm and beauty, and of course her winning smile, the other dogs (perhaps some cats also) set her up to make her look like the bad one. I've sworn to defend her good name for as long as it takes for the truth to come out.


The other dogs are jealous of Jesse and so they say mean things to him, causing him to lash out. It's not his fault he's so adorable! Haha


Hi Suzanne

I clicked on the "email us" link and this is the email address.

Hope that helps



hey renee lol jessie is the no one dickhead he has pissed off so many of the animals and he is not blind unlike our odie who has a good reason to be a dickhead jessie always has to be pissed off at some animal, like my beautiful lucas or shane another sweet dog or even our sweet june he is incorrigible. lol and carol who gives a shit who you piss off you are doing a great job let them step up to the plate and do better. it is sooo easy to judge when you are not in the situation


I just rried that Sheila after your response. The problem for me is that when I click the "email us" link it pops up for Windows live Mail and I don't use windows as my email any more (my old hotmail account got hacked and if you were to send me an email it would send you one back offering a free 30 day supply of viagra or some such). Do you have in the instructions they gave to you a direct email for them and if so would you be willing to post it here? thank you!



I would email the organization that is doing the contest and ask this question. Your question isn't clear from the instructions we were given. If you go to the bottom of the page there is an email link.


Heeeeey, why is Jesse on that list with Bobo and Odie?!?! He's perfect and ever so handsome <3

another Doreen

Hi, I tried to vote on the Nature's Bounty Contest this morning but was not able to using my Android phone. I emailed and got the following response: "Unfortunately the site was not designed to be used on a mobile phone therefore that could be why you are having problems. The site works when being accessed on a computer." :(

I don't think you are a "hoarder" Carol. To me "hoarding" is something the 'hoarder" tries to keep secret, but your life and home are out in the open on this blog and to the many volunteers who help you take care of the animals there! And you don't take on many more animals than you all can actually take care of.


Everyday I thank you Carol for letting me bring Norm (aka Charm) home. Even though he is blind and deaf and sometimes leaky with a bad back, he has brought so much joy to our home and lives! I just look at him and thank you Carol for giving him a chance when you took him in.

Bunny Horne

The animals in your care are PRECIOUS - each has their own amazing personality. You need only spend seconds with most of the SAINTS for their unique personalities to shine through. Many, although not all, have come from very difficult lives. For some Saints is the best life they have ever had. I applaud the scrutiny involved in adopting one of these precious animals. I simply can't imagine any of the SAINTS being adopted to a forever home that doesn't treat them with the special care and respect they need. That would be far too cruel. These are not animals in cages staring out at the real world. The residents of SAINTS; run, play, sleep in comfy beds, have friends, bitch, growl, watch TV and on and on. Some blossom while at Saints. I am convinced all are aware that they are lucky to be alive and thankful. ALL ARE LOVED by many many people. There are many special people (you know who you are) that foster the very frail - giving them a loving home until it is their time to pass. Hoarding....take a look at the recent photos of TUX (aka Joey). Our adorable Joey had the opporunity to live until the PERFECT forever home found him.

Lori Paul

Any chance of getting an icon or button of some sort for the Share the Bounty contest on the blog page (like you already have for the Shelter Challenge)? That way, I won't forget to vote daily (cause I never miss a day on the blog!) 20 Grand would come in handy, wouldn't it!

The sad truth about actual hoarders is that, well-intentioned as they may be, they almost always acquire more animals than they can care properly for. What I love best about Saints is the fact that each animal, no matter how old or decrepit or cranky, gets the same care and attention that any purebred show dog does...that's as it should be!

JaniceD Voting has started and it's really easy to vote!

Janet Nicholson

Oh Carol, did you think only animals were dickheads? Surprise - the world is full of them - they are the ones who abuse, neglect, and really don't give a damn about animals - And some idiot who cannot even find the "contact us" button sure doesn't know what he is talking about - I am too polite to write what I really want to say - but consider them given the "manitoba salute"! You, are no hoarder - you are a Rescuer - big difference!