Rescue Journal

the snoop dog.

Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2013

i booked snoop's euth appointment for noon today just in case cuz our vet clinics are booked solid this weekend and i wanted snoop to have spot if he needed.. not sure what to do yet. i now know he is in fact drinking cuz i saw him last night get up, walk over and have good long drink from the bowl. i was bringing the water to him but he would just turn his head away so i was worried and unsure. i also know he is eating because he ate breakfast for me yesterday, and erin while having some trouble, did get him to eat two hotdogs yesterday too. he didn't want any dinner and i haven't done breakfast yet so will have to see about today. last night he also did not pee his bed (which happens to be one of the pillows right near my head!) he has been able to hold it til i lift him down to one of the floor pee pads so that is good too.

so we have some small improvements here..i think he is not quite as weak as he was before. i think he has been and remains comfortable, just very tired because his blood is so low. today will be the last erythropoeitin dose that i have available...if he is to continue..the vet will need to order more. not sure if i should call and order some just in case because it takes a couple of days for the pharmacy to get in and his next dose is due on monday. but it is so hugely expensive at almost $200 for next weeks set..if we do end up euthanizing this weekend..that is a huge waste.

the problem is...i am not sure if these small improvements in snoop dog's condition are from the erythtropoeitin injections or are they from the IV fluids he had on thursday. i just know that last night he felt well enough to get off of his pillow and climb up/snuggle down on my chest.

so i am pondering snoopster this the beginning to his feeling better for a bit or is this just the temporary singular better point due to some IV fluids the other day.

the practical part of me says..carol..wake up, this sweet little dog's kidneys are absolute toast! and then there is that hope floats part of me that says so what? the erythropoeitin injections are only needed for a couple of weeks to hopefully build his blood back up again. if we can successfully use responsible and effective medical treatment so that he doesn't know his kidneys are toast..shouldn't we?

either way is ok i long as for snoopy the answer is right.

i wll let you know later what i decide.



Brenda, thanks for the validation! I thought it was just me losing my mind over here. All well now and taking my captcha code no problem. A bug maybe?

Brenda Mc

I had to go thru 4 codes before it accepted my atttempt at voting this am. - it is frustrating, but worth the effort.


Wrote them. No Lynn trust me, trying repeatedly and it just refuses! Frustrating.


some of those codes are really hard to decipher they will give you another one if you screw the first one up.


I am having problems voting for the shelter challenge. Second day in a row. Anyone else?? Will not accept the code I punch in. Will write them now and encourage anyone else having this problem to do same.

All the best to Snoop however it goes..