Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2013

i scooped the poop from the front and dog yards yesterday..took out a full 9 large shovel fulls. i scooped the same areas today and came out with one full one. today there are about a half a dozen left over loads of laundry in the house and at least three or four more still to go thru in the shop.

and here is a very good reason to pull back and help less animals...we are killing ourselves trying to keep up to the work here.

we can give 100%..shit, we can give a thousand percent. and we still won't win.
rescue is not just about saving is about cleaning up after them. it is about washing their beds, mopping their floors, hauling their feed and poop scooping the fields and yards.

it is a TON of work and there just are not enough hours, washing machines, or human bodies at saints every day to get it all 100% done. we are always playing catch up.

quite frankly, i am tired of running in reverse.

i will know when we are at our optimal numbers. it will be when we can actually get thru the laundry, poop scoop all the yards, bath all of the dogs, brush all of the horses and cats, clip everyone's nails, clean out their ears, cuddle and play with whoever wants to every day...that is when we will be in the right space.
when 100% or even 99.9... can actually win.


Bunny Horne

Wish I had a camera today to catch Charlotte playing with Brent while he was de-pooping the upper pasture. She was walking beside him, rubbing up against him, he would stop and rub her behind her front legs. She was bouncing around, skipping and hopping - digging up your pasture with her snout and then rolling in the mud. I think Charlotte had spring fever today.

FYI - don't know if this is important or not - there is no more hay in the canvas shed outside of Brad's pen. I used the remaining hay today.