Rescue Journal

not one of our best nights

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2013

the power was out until around 5 which put me somewhat behind. later mystic and fletch started going bananas over something outside so that whole room got shut in for the night. but even then they had a hard time settling down. i finally got pissed and slammed in there roaring angry which scared the crap out of fletch...but at least he shut up and was puppy..he lived to see another day.

bad night with snoopy. most likely my fault. i just couldn't accept that he did not want to eat dinner so i fed him high value treats instead. he ate those ok but then puked them back up...3 times. i was up a lot last night stripping pads off, putting more clean pads on..reassuring him that he was a good dog and barfing on the bed was really ok.

i am tired, sore and cranky today.

there are 2 new dogs coming in. mumford is probably coming today..he is a senior one eyed , cardiac crippled peke from one of the animal controls. and frankie..the parapalegic, pitbull will be coming in a few weeks (but not until we have a little more room.) his dad has thought it all over and decided that he just cannot manage frankie's needs. these will be the last admissions for sometime until we get our numbers down again. and while we are down 20 overall from this time last year....we are still overcapacity. and i have let us start to creep up in numbers again..we were at 110, now we are up to 120...140 again isn't all that far away.

it is not just a matter of is also a matter of level of care. our animals are coming in sicker/more broken..our long term residents continue to age and are beginning to fail. it all adds pressure on us to keep up..financially, physically, emotionally to continue to meet their needs. life doesn't get easier just because they are time goes by and they continue to age, it gets harder for everybody....esp. me.

the days of relatively healthy 12 and 14 yr olds are gone...those guys are now 16, 17, 18 years old. the young special needs ones like fletch, max and soon frankie... are a lot of work...esp. the parapalegics....we have to take the level of care they need into consideration too.

i sat down and figured out who we can expect to end their lives within the next year. it is around 60 animals...that is a lot of palliative care. and it will be difficult for all of us.

hope may float but sinking sucks so we need to make sure we don't continue to overload the boat just because if we stretch, we can.

we simply cannot help all of the homeless senior and special needs out there..we have to look after the ones who are aready here too.

sucks to NOT be superhumans.