Rescue Journal

i copied this comment from leads into my first mumford story.

Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2013 good to know Mumford is in good hands now and that he’s settling in well — thanks for having him. i got to know him briefly while volunteering at the shelter he came to you from. now i miss him like an idiot. here’s a short video of him i made last week:

i’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and i would really love to meet you in person and to visit SAINTS someday (now that Mumf is there i have an extra reason to!) and possibly volunteer for you. the problem is, i don’t drive and google maps says it’s impossible to reach you using public transit. i wonder if there are any volunteers driving to SAINTS from burnaby/new west/coquitlam (or just passing any skytrain station on their way to you) who wouldn’t mind giving me a lift. or should i ask that on your facebook page, how do you think?
hopefully someone going your way will see this and maybe be able to offer you a lift, hope to meet you soon. any friend of mumfords is a friend of ours too!!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is my story with mumford on day 2

so when mumford arrived here, he came with a small white bear stuffie. i was told he really likes this toy and it is his best friend. i tossed it in the cage with him and left it at that. this morning when he was ready to come out, erin brought both him and his bear out.
several hours later as i am rushing thru the room, i see mumford quietly standing over his bear. he keeps sniffing it and nosing it and is obviously a little bit upset.
because some freaking rude moron, peed on it!

i told mumford not to worry, i would wash it up for him. but as soon as i picked it up, he got even more upset, jumping and leaping, trying desperatly to hang on to his peed upon friend.
i was in a hurry and i really did not want to upset him further by stealing that toy away so i let him keep it. i told shelagh about it and she kindly went in and spot washed/rinsed off his bear quickly and gave it back to him.
i just got home and mumford is laying on the floor, half on top of his bear. i know damn well he thinks he is protecting it from further disgusting acts but griffin is blind and he might just sprinkle the dog and the bear together if he keeps laying there. so i lifted mumford and his bear up to safety on my bed where hopefully neither of them will get wet.
i would just like to is hard enough keeping the dogs dry and safe..having to worry about mumfords stuffed friend as well will just add to my stress. if june or mystic find that bear..within five minutes he will be eyeless, legless and dragged thru the mud and mumford will be heartbroken.

note to myself...protect that freaking bear at all costs! geez the things i have to do for new dogs with special friend bears!



LOL, what a cute character Mumford sounds like. Can't wait to meet him.

Margie (Bodhi's mom)

Hi Carol,
I work at the shelter where Mumford came from and I laughed out loud at your story a out his white bear. Mostly because on Friday, I caught him humping it in his kennel. Haha! Mumford is an awesome little dog - thank you so much for taking him in.

By the way, I will soon be emailing an update on Bodhi (formerly Alf), whom we adopted two years ago.