Rescue Journal

a good day

Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2013

i started the day with inviting benny to join me for breakfast. he had his butt in my car pretty damn quickly!

i got the barn feed run done and angel into the vets. she is spending the night and will have surgery tomorrow to remove that abcessed tooth.

then for a short while it was family day..i watched ethan for lindsey while she ran a few errands. then i went over and held griffen, played with annabelle and visited with eric and ang for a bit. jenn called me on my way home so we got to chat a little too. it was great connecting with my family today.

once i got home, the warm and fuzzy continued...marvin forgave me for his convenia injection, everyone was happy to see me. i got a good chuckle because of jelly. i was trying to wash up the dishes and she kept bopping me in the butt with a hot pink stuffed bunny. i think she wanted to tell me that she is almost as cute as my grandkids (close but no cigar.)

once everyone is gone for the day and the animals are calm and settled..i open up some of the barriers around here. with fletch currently gone, the bedroom and dog rooms get opened up again so everyone can go in and out whenever they choose. the entrance way gate gets opened too so benny, jelly, squirt and odie can wander around more freely too.
i changed my bed, put on a brand new blanket and all new pillows and gave the dogs the old ones for their beds.
everyone is happy and comfortable and cheerful and calm tonight so that is good.

but...i miss snoopy and i am worried about and miss angel too. i feel badly that she is blind and alone in the clinic tonight. i can't believe it but i actually miss fletcher, distance makes the heart grow fonder...i just REALLY hope he doesn't come home again and then i will love him forever!

tomorrow is a big vet day. mystic goes in for a shave down. tess, black buddy, nicki, al and halo all have rechecks. i hope it all goes well for every one.

it has been a pretty good today...hope it continues. and i really hope angel is not too frightened and fletch is being a good boy.