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Suddenly losing a friend is so very hard ...

Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2013

Hi Carol, Jenn, and everyone else at SAINTS:

Just a few days ago, I emailed you a great update on how Bodhi (formerly Alf) was doing and that the vet thought he would live another year or so. Well, I’m afraid I have awful news.

This morning, Bodhi collapsed and suffered a heart failure episode (as the vet called it). He fell over, urinated all over himself and couldn’t breathe. We rushed him to the closest vet that was open – South Burnaby Vet. In the car, he was panting, gasping and totally out of it – he even defecated in his blanket. Bodhi was thrashing about and his tongue and gums were cold. They put him on oxygen treatment while we went to get our daughter from school. We made the heart-breaking decision to let Bodhi go, and even though I wanted it to be at the vet where Bodhi was well-loved, he wouldn’t have made the 10 minute car ride over. So we did it at South Burnaby and they were great even though they didn’t know us or Bodhi. They brought him into the room so we could have some time with him. Bodhi actually started to go on his own before the vet came in with the euthanol, but she administered it anyway to help him along his way.

We are still in disbelief that our little Bodhi man isn’t here with us. We knew his time was not long, but we didn’t expect it to happen so suddenly. Our hearts are aching so much. I wanted to tell Bodhi’s SAINTS family first as we are just so thankful that we found this little guy and had two great years with him.

Thanks again for giving us our Bodhi.

Margie, Graham, and Una


Katie, Roxy and Jovie (Bodhi’s furry siblings)

photo 2a7e2a3e-5131-42b1-a542-5105d0ab7373.jpg

And just a few days previously, this happy tail update ....

Hi Carol and SAINTS staff/volunteers,

I thought I would send you an update as it has now been 2 years since we adopted Bodhi (formerly Alf), the JRT/Chi/Doxie mystery mix, from SAINTS.

Bodhi is hanging in there, health-wise. His heart murmur is now about 4/6 and he’s pretty much at the maximum amount of meds. He has a decent amount of energy, enough to go for a few short walks every day and once in a while get the zoomies around the house. The only problem is that he does cough quite a bit. I’m sure it’s not comfortable for Bodhi, so I will be getting cough suppressant meds from our vet. He has very regular check-ups and the vet & staff absolutely love Bodhi! Our vet estimates Bodhi will be around for another year or so. Bodhi & I celebrated that good news by going shopping! He picked out a new collar and a new bed for himself.

Our little Bodhi has turned out to be quite the sneaky foodhound. A few months ago, he managed to break into our food pantry and steal 3 peanut butter granola bars out of the box and scarf them down in a matter of 15 minutes. The next time he chewed up a case of club soda – he was probably pissed when he realized he did all that work for a bunch of lousy cans. Luckily he didn’t try to open one! He did, however, score one day when the cupboard was left open a crack – he wiggled his way in and got the liver treats off the shelf. I wonder if he shared with his two bigger sisters. Probably not.

Since he came to live with us, Bodhi has been a bit weary of Roxy, our 85 lb GSD mix. He used to snarl at her if she came too close. Eventually, he accepted that she’ll be around for a while; but while he stopped growling at her, he still kept his distance. However, we are happy to report that he has finally recognized Roxy for the great snuggle buddy that she is. I have attached a photo of Bodhi and Roxy canoodling on the couch together. It makes me smile. Also, a Christmas photo of Bodhi with his sisters, Katie and Roxy.

Bodhi is such a wonderful dog; we are so thankful you let him come live with us. Thanks again to everyone at SAINTS – we always tell people what amazing work you all do to care for these abandoned and forgotten animals.

Kind Regards,


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Losing a friend suddenly is so very hard. Our condolences cannot ease that pain or feeling of loss for your family right now. Brodhi (formerly Al) was on death row in a LA shelter before coming to SAINTS and he was so very lucky to make he way into your wonderful and loving family. You gave him the best home and a happy ending to his life. Thank you for loving Brodhi.



So sorry for your very great loss Margie. He was obviously very loved and appreciated.


Your love for Bodhi shines through so clearly in your words, it will always be there and so will he. My deepest condolences to your family, giving Bodhi his very own home for his last years is the greatest gift of all. Thank you for loving him.


So sorry for your loss, I remember Bodhi(Alf)from his days as a bed budddy, he was a great little dog and how wonderful you found each other.....sweet dreams Bodhi, you will leave a big space in your families home & heart.

Bunny Horne

So very sorry for your loss. Thank you for taking him into your home and your hearts so he could live out his life surrounded by LOVE. He will be with you always.


Rest in peace, sweet dog. You were there for his last couple of years and gave him the time of his life.. and for that you and your family will be blessed.

Janice ter Borg

So sad. But wonderful he had such a loving family. THe photo of him cuddling with Roxy is priceless.


i am so sorry for your loss margie and family. bohdi/alf was a very lucky dog to have come from the brink of such hopelessness and helplessness into a world so filled with pure shining love.
hugs to you and your family and thank you for loving him so very much!

Margie (Bodhi's mom)

Thank you so much, everyone. Your kind words and well wishes do mean a lot to us. Time will heal and soon we will be left with fond warm memories and not tears.

Brenda Mc

Oh, that's very sad news - I remember Bodhi (Alf) well. He was a lucky boy to end up with all the love from your family. So sorry ...


My heart hurts for you and your family, I'm so very sorry for your sudden loss.... Thank you for giving Bodhi so much love.