Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 12, 2013

shane is home from the vet..bloodwork is good, nothing showed up on his exam. i am thinking last night he was suffering from simple exhaustion. i am thinking as his dementia is progressing, he is forgetting to rest properly. we will start putting him into a nice comfy crate a couple of times a day to force him to nap/rest periodically and see how he does with that.

peluchi is also home from the vets. there may be a couple of smaller abd. masses present but that doesn't explain his current totally disoriented state. there definitely is something significantly neurologically wrong...maybe the result of a stroke? maybe something else??? his bloodwork should be back tomorrow and maybe it will offer some clues. if it was a stroke as the main event, the hope is he will start improving within a couple of days. if not then maybe it is a brain tumor. in any case...right now his quality of life is not very good, he just doesn't have a clue about too much of anything, he is just completely confused. i am hoping he is better by the weekend, if not, we may have to look at euthaniization, i can't let him stay like he currently is...that wouldn't be fair to him.

tess seems much better tonight...happy, perky, brighter and more interactively bossy again. she may well hate those flushes BUT they certainly seem to be helping her feel more like herself...big yay!

frankie was moved into the cage in the communal cat room..not sure how that will go and if she can eventually make the transition to being free roaming in there. she is currently hissing each time she spies one of the cats but i am hopeful she will soon get over that!

and i am so freaking tired of this pissing down rain!



It'll all be gone by Thursday Lynne and the sun will be shining I promise :)

shelagh f

Hope Tess gets back to messing up all the dog mats
in the room. Everything does seem worse in all this
rain. Wouldn't it be nice to have two nice days in
a row? Seems like a long time since we have had