Rescue Journal

scissors are a handy tool.

Carol  ·  Mar. 13, 2013

shane had a really good sleep last night...he is still snoozing now so that is even better.

peluchi is not getting up at all on his own anymore. i had to lift him down to the floor but then he just stood there not knowing what he was supposed to move. poor babe.

i think odie's bloodsugars are climbing..he is flooding the kitchen again during the night.

black buddy has started on his new steriod regime so now we wait and see what happens with him. i am hoping it kick starts his ability to put on some weight and gain some strength and doesn't turn him in to a hormone induced monster which sometimes steriods will do.

i really dislike my new haircut (it was that yearly grooming time again)...folks keep telling me it is cute. i have a hard time with this because probably the one descriptive word i would never assign to myself is anything even remotely bordering on "cute." anyway..i can't stand how it V-shapes down in the front...drives me nutz. so last night i grabbed the scissors and cut the front right off. i will try it today and if it is still bugging me..i actually do know where the scissors are again. i really do not have the time for back and forth to the hair salon..once a year is more than enough.

if at work today, folks say my hair looks good at best or at worst....nothing at all, i will leave it alone. but if i get any more cute comments, i am cutting all of it off.

i may not be right up on the whole politically correct positive way we are all now speaking but i do know that "cute" is the currently positive politically correct way of saying my new haircut sucks.



so...i met one of the nurses at the elevator first thing this morning as we were both heading up to work.

she said,.."you got your hair looks good."


and as the elevator doors closed, i heard her say..."it's cute."


Pam in Nashville

Carol, you always give me a chuckle. I'm sure the "cute" hair cut is REALLY cute! Pictures would be nice. ?


Hey, at my age I'll take anything I can get - "cute" would be O.K. in my book!!!


Lol.. I have the same thought & problem as Carol.. since when was " cute " a good thing for someone over 25... let alone over 50.


No cute does not mean you hair sucks and I hate to tell you this Carol, but you are "cute".


On a different note: is anyone having trouble with voting for the Shelter challenge since the appearance has changed on the site. I ann not getting any confirmation when voting (it usually takes me back to the give .6 bowls of food click button


What the hell - just shave it all off, very easy upkeep once a week with the clippers - and - summer is coming, way cooler!