Rescue Journal

my lightbulb is somewhat dim.

Carol  ·  Mar. 15, 2013

al laid across the pillows last night so i slept in this convoluted position and woke up with a stiff neck. ouch.

jerry besides being a mean little bastard is also sort of like sheldon on the big bang OCD freak. last night al 's sleeping spot screwed up jerry's sleeping spot. i thought that dog was going to pop a gasket because OMG he had to sleep either one foot to the top or two feet below where he usually slept. bed space flexibility is NOT part of that dog's makeup. looks like jerry survived the upset and it looks like he did it without a sore neck.

apparently the way to enlightment is to let go of earthly attachments. i can see the value in ditching attachments to things..(and sleeping spaces jerry!)
i can see the real importance of losing attachments to is really not all about us.
i am just wondering about the value in not having attachments to other living beings.

it might be easier, it might be less painful, it might actually involve less personal suffering. but isn't the best part of living.... connecting with and caring about someone else more than ourselves?

i don't get it....what is so great about flying solo in the light? i think i prefer some pretty special company in the shadows.
i will try to work on step one and two but i am skipping step three...that makes no sense to me.



bottom line is that without you their lives would have been devastating. you brought sunshine and joy and for that i am sure they are forever grateful. you done good.


Some days you simply just want to crawl back in bed , pull the covers over your head and cry like a baby.

Today feels like one of those days.. I wish I had done just that when I had the chance.

The watch-list was scary to acknowledge, losing those not on the list just doesn't seem fair.

RIP Peluchie and Bun Jovi..much love travels with you..for always.


i was helping erin yesterday and sat down with al. i pretty much suspect that if you want to give him one last hug it had better be pretty soon. he has so lost the weight, the glimmer from his eyes, i will really miss him, his demanding to come back in and get on his made up bed and you better let me in now lol. his is a great prescence at saints and will be remembered always. and i am so sorry about bun jovi and peluchi. i will mess peluchis hogging of the wet dog food at feeding time. he always had to get the most and he did. i am taking my much beloved starbucks to the vet this afternoon and know his end is com8ng soon. he is like al, always there and a survivor. had him from the pound 6 years ago thought he was on his last legs and boy did he surprise me. he is a fighter. wish me luck with him. maybe just a change of meds who knows.