Rescue Journal

and the saints keep marching on...

Carol  ·  Mar. 16, 2013

with the passing of peluchi, bun jovi and al...o'grady, halo, black buddy, jesse and shane move up to the top of the near end of life list. not that someone won't unexpectedly jump to the front of the line but who that might be is hard to predict.

what is odd about these times of passage is, the ones who have gone before, come back for a bit.
last night while i was processing the loss of al.... tyra, cole, even old bill from so long ago before al..all came back into my head.

i used to struggle with... after life, what came next? now i don't is either something truly amazingly wonderful..or nothing at all, just an eternal forever deep rest and i guess either one is ok for the one who has passed. both would be welcome after a long life, fully lived.

when you think of the millions upon millions of years...the infinity of actual's nineteen long years of life was barely the blink of an eye.

but in that blink..he touched you and me...with his strength, his courage, with his kindness, and his utter joyfulness of living.

the passage of three saints this week...of more in just this new year..of the hundreds since we opened our doors... is hard for all of us still here.

but it is the passage we all will one day take when our own small blink is finished.

may each of us find the light of al, peluchi, snoopy, marg and a very small and shy bunny...the light that is, was and will always be, shining from deep inside the saints animals whom we were blessed to join on their journey.



Thanks for sharing that story, Penny. I'll keep the image of that dog in the sunshine with me all day


Sympathies to all those saddened by the loss of these fine spirits. It's been a tough week from the sidelines and I can only guess at the hurts for those who enjoyed their company more closely than me.

Think of the crowds at the Rainbow Bridge.


And talking of wonderful stories, there's a man who lives down the road from me. I don't know him well, but he has a very ancient, crippled and blind dog who he truly loves. One sunny day recently, I walked past his house to see this lovely old dog lying out in the driveway in the sunshine, on an old mattress, with a blanket covering him to keep him warm. It was so wonderful to see - if only everyone could treasure their old, failing animals like this man does.


Love the last paragraph of your blog, Carol. A lot of people wouldn't think much about "a very small and shy bunny" but his precious soul touched many of us at Saints . I keep thinking of him with such sadness, but then remember that his light will live on in our memories. So sad to hear about Peluchi and Al as well. I truly believe our souls (human and animal) do live on. And such a wonderful story, Maggie!