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the good, the bad, the better, the bowl dweller, and the BEST

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2013

happy monday all.

I have posted new photos on our facebook page in the March album.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the recent photos ... enjoy.

the good (brown buddy)
photo 388831_546814465341485_636757014_n.jpg

the bad (aka the puppies: fletch and accomplice mystic)
photo 734279_546814945341437_813491866_n.jpg
photo 66667_546814952008103_505511629_n.jpg

the better (phoebe, no longer the red whirling wonder of trouble)
photo 524911_546815025341429_1441163623_n.jpg

the bowl dweller (chewy, demented demon goat - is that too harsh? lol)
photo 32614_546814475341484_493813622_n.jpg

You all are the BEST and have been doing such a great job voting each and every day for "Senior Animals In Need Today Society" -- Just 12 more days of voting. Keep up the great work. THANKS!



Bowl Dweller...Ha Ha Ha .. stick him under a bridge & he is a Troll Bowl dweller...the stuff of nightmares.

Love ya Chew man

Chewies song is sung to Soul man... but I replace it with " He's a Chew Man da da da...da da da, he's a Chew Man da da da...da da da

Picture him racing after a tour group hoping to poke someone with his horn & gets pets or treats.. Chew man da da da ..chew man da da da

OK .. I need more sleep :-)