Rescue Journal

the walking dead.

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2013

for all of those wanna-be zombies out there...just go get yourself a nasty cold!
this virus better not get any worse cuz if it does, i am going down for the count.. i feel like zombie-crap today.

this reminds me that i better get moving on figuring out my own end of life stuff...i said i would get everthing in pristine order so no one would be stuck with a mess if i ever check out so i better get to it. i just keep getting distracted with actual living...preparation for dying sometime in the future shit is easy to put off.

mo! do not let me slack off on this!!!

it was an ok night...just up three times. i did find mumford in the kitchen once tho. i did not see that little tricky bugger slip thru the door with me...luckily odie was sleeping. mumford thinks each time i drag myself up to my feet, it means that maybe he is going to get something to eat.
he is a hungry little beastie.

so glad that those pineapple express monsoons have stopped for a bit...the ground was getting so saturated it was starting to mess with the septic system. hopefully the water levels drop as the ground gets a chance to dry out.

well...i guess i better poke some diabetics and drag my butt into some decent for work clothes...but i really just want to drag said butt right back to bed.
totally sucks to have to do stuff when you feel pretty damn close to dead.