Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2013

i got home from work early and had a nap...that felt good!

dionne moved brit, pepper and georgia over into the medical room today. they were a bit discombobulated so i spent some time with them tonight til they all settled down to sleep. the three might be too many in there so i might move georgia back..i am thinking on it.

there is a 16 yr old uncontrolled epileptic west highland terrier whose elderly owner was just found dead in his roominghouse room. the staff from the shelter called and asked if we could squeeze him in...ooops i had forgotten to tell them we were taking a break on admissions. anyway..i did tell them now but i also did say yes to the dog cuz i felt sorry for him. they now know i am taking a break so they won't call again for awhile and i won't have to cave in again any time soon.

i think we will be losing both georgia and black buddy really soon. i will get buddy in for a check, but he is looking to me thinner and weaker so i think we have used up all of the hope that the steriods might help him. georgia is just getting frailer and weaker as each day goes along. she is still this side of ok but i don't think she will be there for too much longer.

shane is doing relatively ok so i am happy about that.

river is doing alright but he still looks like crap. i just am not sure what the heck is up with his skin...not really like a ringworm problem but for sure he has something. we have switched his daily shampoo to an antifungal from the antibacterial one the vets recommended. we will see if this helps to clear his skin up a bit better.

renee called me today and said griffin is a bit off. i will probably need to get him in for a bloodsugar check but he has been quite stable so maybe it is something else.

tammy moved tigger over to the house on the weekend and he seems to be making the adjustment quite well.

frankie is being given time outs wandering around the cat area outside of her cage but it does stress her out. dionne is not sure she is coming in from the cat run at night so i think we will shut all of them in for a couple of days til she settles a little bit more.

there was a brief but nice sunny break today so i am sure the barn guys enjoyed the short return of the sun. i feel so sorry for them in this soggy, pissing down, rainy, muddy mess..i hope we get a bit longer run of some decent weather for them soon.

i think that is it for the news.



So sad to hear Georgia and black buddy going downhill more. They are both sweeties


On Sunday, should I let Pepper and Brit back into the MP room when Derek and Jennifer are there? And in regards to River I thought his nose looked pretty bad on Sunday. And do I the same bathing on him only with different shampoo?