Rescue Journal

black buddy passed away today

Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2013

photo blackbuddy.jpg

black buddy was euthanized today. he had continued to lose even more weight over the past week and his immune system was starting to shut down.

even tho he only was here for a couple of months, i do think we improved his life. he was no longer a cold and wet outsider denied the comfort of his home. i think buddy really enjoyed being cared for in his last part of life.

i don't know how difficult a life he had to have led to have aged a hundred years in a mere ten but i do know that in the end he found a kinder and gentler life with us.
rest in peace buddy, you were a very, very good dog.


Carol Ann

RIP Buddy you were cared for at the end of your life. Too bad you couldn't hang on longer.So many people loved you.


what i never told anyone buddy had a truly great home of his own waiting for him if he was able to survive. derek ad jenn...sunday's mp room volunteers, had fallen in love and were hoping to give him a home for the rest of his life. i am so sad for both both buddy and them that this couldn't happen.

also a special couple were touched by buddy on one of the tours a few weeks ago. they were invisibly drawn back by buddy last weekend to spend some more time with him.

buddy was well loved in so many ways by so many people..he really was surrounded by love...and he knew it.


Black Buddy was such an amazing full of his short time he touched many...


I am so glad that he was able to have love, food, water, warmth, comfort and friends. Will miss him on our morning walks with his bright yellow coat and his pausing to say a few words. RIP my sweet friend.


Oh no, I was so hoping to get some last snuggles, head butts and love from him on Saturday . RIP Buddy, I'm going to miss you


So sorry Carol.....good night Buddy and sweet dreams, you were everything that's wonderful about dogs and then some, very very special.


Words aren't sufficient to describe
That frail body leaning against your legs
Just there in the moment


Rest in peace Buddy. I'm so glad you were able to spend the end of your days at saints. I hope it made up for some of the bad.


Rest in peace Buddy. I'm so glad you were able to spend the end of your days at saints. I hope it made up for some of the bad.


shit is all i can say about his former life and the people who treated him this way. thamk god he came to saints but he so deserved way more than this life gave him he was a sweetheart who only wanted hugs and affection. it seems to be the luck of the draw where animals end so sucks for the unfortunate ones. rip black buddy you were special


Black Buddy was a special, forgiving soul who had SO much love to give. So terribly sad he didn't have more time with the people at Saints who really cared for him. But a few weeks was better than none at all and I believe he was truly happy with us. We shall all miss you so much, sweet boy - and I say this with tears.


He was such a good dog...a dog who was able to forgive humans for his neglect and allow us to be part of his life at SAINTS. He only wanted kind words, gentle pets, a place to rest his head, and food. Such a a great, great dog. RIP Black Buddy, I will truly miss you following me around in the MP room and being greeted by your head bumps and sweet face.

janet nicholson

Oh, that is so sad about Black Buddy - but you know, he really had a life once he came to live at S.A.I.N.T.S. and you can see his happiness in the photos - I am so sorry, Carol and Black Buddy's caregivers.