Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2013

i woke up about an hour ago in a coughing fit..finally broke down and took more night time cold/flu crap so maybe i will be able to go back to sleep for a bit as soon as it kicks in.

in the meantime...

new dog is in..his name was fudge which really truly bugged me for some reason..partly because he is white. he has already been to the vet...foot/skin issues, a goopy eye and he is 90% deaf. but since he can't hear very well..i changed his name to judd which does not bug me as much as fudge. SUPER nice little dog who has fit into the bed buddy crew like he has always been there.!

mini me, tina and mumford all went to the vet too. tina is started on cardiac/ear meds...mumford is not neutered...did i already know that? can't remember. but his heart is so bad he won't be getting fixed anyway because he would probably not survive the surgery.

mini me was the big surprise of the day...her heart and lungs sounded ok but since she was coughing they did a chest xray and they both still looked good. but the real shocker has a foriegn body lodged deep in her gut. the vet asked..does she eat rocks? no...bones? mini doesn't eat anything except good ole plain food.
no way to know how long that thing has been in hasn't obstucted her yet. i am to watch her carefully tho and get her in immediately if she shows any sign that it is. we will probably repeat the xrays in a week or so and see if that thing has actually moved. the vet does not want to open her up and go fishing for whatever it is because mini is so freaking ancient. this has nothing to do with her current coughing..that would be from a collapsing trachea which is not a big deal.

the best laid plans of mice and men...
my switching the dogs around did not work out too well. the three that got moved to the medical room were totally miserable. so after all of dionne's hard work to move them and set them up...i moved them all back. and since really it was cooper who was being the actual dickhead and bugging poor pepper..i moved him out instead. i didn't stick him over in the medical room because he would be lonely there all by himself so i brought him over to be a bed buddy in the house.
seven hours later he was still wandering back and forth and would not lay down. he was totally upset and exhausted and i couldn't stand the guilt so i moved him back to the mp room too.

gawd damn dogs..i just want pepper to be happy, feel safe and not be bugged and to actually accomplish this, i guess i will have to think of something else.
maybe when my head is less stuffed up and foggy with cold/flu drugs i will figure it out better for everyone.

even with all of them back in there where they think they belong....the mp room is very empty without our black buddy tonight.


wendy scott

I am sorry I won't be able to attend the fundraiser tomorrow, but want to donate $50 to MP room and $50 to The House. Hope it is a success.


I will return the gate I bought. I can pick it up Saturday when I come in. Great idea just too bad it didn't work!


lol oh Cooper! Maybe he learned his lesson and will leave Pepper alone. Zsu Zsu and I will fix the medical room back today, she is a big help.