Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2013

it is done.

fletcher passed peacefully away. he was not afraid. i am sure i will need to reguritate this horrible day over and over but not now.

odie is home. the vet said there was quite a bit of damage done. he has two sutured wounds and a drain in his belly and some minor teeth scrapes on his back and back legs. he is still quite sedated and thank god he is sleeping because he cried every time i turned or hit a bump on the way home from the vets.

they used dissolvable sutures even tho the risk of infection is greater but he is so hard to do anythng with that the dissolvables are safer. he has to go back in in 5 days for the drain removal tho and i am not looking forward to that since he already bit me a good one at the vets today. he is on antibiotics and pain meds and when he wakes up i will try to get a cone on his head...we'll see how that goes.

this is probably the most horrible day in rescue for me. i have never euth'd a six month old puppy for aggression before. and odie's being injured just makes it all so much worse.

but the bottom line today is...fletcher i love you and i am so sorry that i just don't have in me what you needed.



Oh Carol, I wish I had some magical words that would make you feel better about this. It's just an awful place to be and there's no help for it.

Somehow, time and again, you find the strength to make the tough choices that most of us would run from. Know that while you made the hardest decision ever, your being there probably saved Odie's life. God bless you for being you.

Carol Ann

I have a BooBooLoon collar for Angus. It is inflatable fits 13 to 18 inch neck. Stevens co in Delta sells them. 1-800-565-8444 or you can use mine if it fits.


All the best healing vibes and wishes for Odie tonight. So sorry about Fletcher but you did what had to be done and again, so sorry. That could not have been an easy decision but the right one considering.

Brenda Mc

There is a "Pro Collar" - sort of an inflatable inner tube that fits around the neck - that allows them to still eat and drink easily. The dog looks like they are wearing a lifejacket around the neck. Anyway, I found it works well. You can find them at some Pet Stores -
Carol; quite a heart-wrenching day for you - I know, I was there! - and you only had one choice, and I'm sorry it came to this -but necessary. Thank you for your courage and unwavering commitment to the animals in your care.
I really enjoyed the Pub fundraiser - surrounded by others who are committed to SAINTS too. Sorry the day had to have this dark cloud hanging over it. - Just know we all support you and your integrity, always.

shelagh f

yes. I thought it might
be easier for Odie with something like that, rather than
bumping into things with the big collar. Maybe
by the sound of it, he won't be too active for
a few days. I would check with you Carol to see if
you think he might need or use it. Maybe someone
else may need it another time. Was there a local
supplier Maggie?


There are a number of alternatives. One called a 'Cuddle' Cone is made of foam covered in fleece.
Is this for Odie?


shelagh, there is a collar made of material which does the same thing as the plastic one but is more comfortable. I can't remember where I saw it but will do some research


I am at a loss for words tonight so all i have and all i know is .....Carol,my heart goes out to you.


I wished I had some words that could make this all go away Carol but I don't. It sucks and it hurts to have to make this kind of decision. Fletcher was and Odie is lucky that you are/were there for them.


I'm so sorry carol. A sad but necessary decision. Thank you for being so strong.
I hope Odie is feeling better soon and that your hand is ok.
Rest in peace fletcher.

shelagh f

does anyone know, someone told me about a collar that
is like a big cervical collar that is thick and so
the animal can't get at what ever we don't want them
to get at, but it isn't an elizabethan collar, so
they don't whack into things. If Odie could have
that kind of collar, if there is such a thing, he
might not mind it so much. I didn't pursue it
because my dog stopped biting his leg with the help
of meds. Carol, you have incredible strength to get thru
the day today. Pub day was I'm sure the last thing
you wanted to do. Rest in peace Fletcher