Rescue Journal

i swear to god, somedays i absolutely hate certain dogs.

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2013

eh hem odie capote.

omg..he is such a moronic maniac. it took three of us just to flush his wounds and change the tie on his cone (the previous one was too thin and tight and digging into his neck.) he screamed, he flailed, he tried to eat us alive and all he got out of it was a leash burn around his neck because he was choking himself with the doubled noose.

his flush is done, the cone string is changed and odie is sleeping off his fairly foul mood.

honestly is it pretty damn sad when it would be kinder to shoot the poor bastard then it is to take 5 seconds to change a string and squirt 30 cc of non stinging betadine and normal saline somewhere in the vicinity of his gawd damn belly wounds.

geezus fletcher could you not have nailed someone else's belly instead?????



I was witness to the noisy little bugger while dealing with the house cats in the back. It sounded like he was being tortured :=)