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i feel bitchy

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2013

i am still somewhat pissed over the vegan poke. someone can't support us because our organization is not vegan? honestly what is that supposed to mean? is the organization supposed to be vegan cuz the organization isn't an actual living entity and doesn't eat anything...vegan or not.
is it the people who are here who are supposed to be vegan? well what if they aren't? they have to leave? and what about the vegetarians who just don't eat they have to go too? if saints is an organzation that cares for around 120 animals at any given it the animals themselves who must be vegan?..ok for the farm guys, they are pretty close to vegan but it kind of sucks for the dogs and the cats who are by nature born to be carnivores. old and sick animals are difficult enough to feed without forcing them to be vegan...3/4's would be dead in a week.

when people from nowhere pop into our website, facebook or blog and purposefully toss out that kind of you can't possibly win against this totally pisses me off. it is like it is a booby trap just waiting for the dumb boob to fall in so he or she can get eaten alive.

omg..really? SAINTS is not vegan??? how horrible!!

think about it....what are we supposed to do? every gawd damn non vegan staff and volunteer member(including myself) so we are worthy of someone's support?
or how about...lie? and say we are all practicing virgin pure vegans when we are not?

it is ok not to send a donation...honestly, i don't really mind. i do not expect every person in the entire world to mail us a cheque. i get that some people like us and some people don't and many more people don't even know we this not the way of it in the real world???

i tell you, the internet has its own set of the ability to post in anywhere and say anything that you want. in the old days we either had to pick up the phone and talk to someone directly or write a scathing letter, stamp it and walk it to the mailbox or jump into the car to deliver our disapproving messages in person. since it took a fair amount of personal effort, a lot of things that could be said, were left unsaid. it was pretty good back just took too much work and effort to go out of your way to piss off someone you haven't even met.



just seems like snobbery to me.

i recall the lengths you went to not to eat pork because of your love for Ellie-Mae.

it seems like money not worth the attempt of offering, if they're passive-aggressively saying you do things wrong... but if you did it THEIR way... blah blah blah.

if you did it their way, it wouldn't be SAINTS to begin with.

you're better off.


Trolls and people looking to make themselves feel better and more rightous surf the net looking to stir the pot and engage people to battle an unwinable you explain in your post..ignore those that operate this way and save yourself a whole lotta mental energy. We all walk our own path and in the end if you are ok with how you conducted yourself ..that is all that matters


Besides that if the carnivores didn't cull the other animals overpopulation soon leads a lack of food. Where well-meaning humans have done away with carnivores like wolves the deer populations have exploded and the animals have suffered for it. Leave nature alone and it will be in harmony.


Nature has designed animals to be either herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. Each has a valid and vital place in the balance of things. I think it would be cruel, not to mention unhealthy, to force a carnivore to be a vegetarian. Humans are omnivores. We can choose how we want to feed ourselves but deciding how other creatures live and eat is a bit too much like playing God.


As my Grandmother used to can't please everyone all the time. I took that to heart and now just do my best to my personal standards most days.
I have no problem with someone deciding not to support Saints because we don't live up to their standards but please have some integrity and either keep your opinion and decision to yourself or identify yourself.
Hitting and running is a cowardly act.