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todays thoughts

Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2013

crappy nights sleep...too many freaking weird dreams when i actually was able to sleep.
thank god it is thursday..i am off tomorrow. i was going to spend the whole day finishing off the stuff i have to do for deanna;'s estate but i am already booking other things in.
i am meeting a super nice and big idiot dog savy person who is currently drawn to a certain very large boob. now don't get too excited cuz there are two major roadblocks to any life long love affair between the two. one is there is no fenced yard in this home. and normally i wouldn't care so much because this just means he gets walked a lot and is always on leash. i can live with that. but also while having a history of using private trainers to help with managing very strong dogs...she is only 5 feet tall. this concerns me and it also means that bo will absolutely have to wear a prong collar to keep her and other dogs safe when walking. i love that dog a lot but i hold no illusions about him, a prong collar will be a necessity if i send him to live with someone weaker than him.

i will do it if it means bo can live the rest of his life in a home of his own who will love and actually can safely manage him...despite physical height. but i cringe at prong collars...a last resort safety tool for dogs who just are too brutishly strong and stupid for their own good. i have said it before..ethics are by choice or necessity, sometimes fluid.

and i don't want bo to have to die here like so many of the others..i want him to have a great life and a great home of his own. he is such a super sweet, affectionate, funny, gentle and loving dog on a couch..he is just a total dumbo rambo dick head when he is out and about.
anyway, we'll is certainly worth both of hers and my time and effort to meet and discuss bobo's home and out in public needs. life is full of hope and maybe's that sometimes do become realities...we will just meet and see.

odie is doing ok...he seems to do best when it is very quiet and calm with few people around. i am thinking about how to manage him this weekend when his world becomes noisy and chaotic so he doesn't start to escalate again. i will let you know what i figure out when i get there.

i am sending ogrady the bunny to the vets on friday..that mass has broken open and now i am not so sure. it could be a tumor or it could be one of those solid, non draining abcesses that bunnies sometimes get. we will see what the vet says.

the new dove, paris is here. i got the new huge cage unloaded and 90% put together. my plan is to toss out the ripped part, dog eaten couch in the big dog room and replace it with the nice, unwrecked one from the office. then i am thinking of moving both of the budgies and the dove into the office with ed. with that couch gone there is lots of space for two very large bird cages. i don't think he will be the slightest bit interested in them. the beauty of this plan is that when ed is out to the barn..we can close all of the doors and let paris out to explore and stretch her wings..she is tame enough to be easily caught and put back into the cage when ed comes back in at the end of the day.

oh shit..look at the time!!..i better get into work!



love hearing these kinds of stories. it never gets old. great lady what a nice friend.


I received the following today from one of our donors and was so touched by her lovely story I had to share.
"This small donation is made in memory of Miss Daisy, my friend's well loved cat. My friend inherited Miss Daisy (plus another cat and a little dog) from an elderly friend who died. The woman asked my friend to euthanise the 3 pets after their owner's death. My friend couldn't do it, so never a pet owner, she took the animals in and gave them love and care until they died. They gave her (a single woman)love and companionship in return. Miss Daisy was the last".

A lovely story, thanks to our donor for sharing


I used a pronged collar on my dog when I had a knee injury and could not be pulled or I'd land on my butt. It took very little time until she saw the collar and just knew she couldn't pull. I really don't think they are always a bad thing. It depends on how smart the dog is. I hope the home works out for Bo.


would a head collar work instead of prongs? I have used one with GREAT success with one of my dogs but my dog is not as big as BoBo and I am not as small as his prospective Mom. They are really nifty and I have seen them used on some big, honking dogs.