Rescue Journal

peace reigns again

Carol  ·  Apr. 6, 2013

we made crash stay at the house today..I just did not feel like fishing him out of the sludge or the pond.

jesse nose dived 4 times mo said today...he was motoring around and suddenly one of his legs goes out and then he is down.

jerry is starting to look like a dead dog when he is sleeping..i hate that. I always have to stop and check and make sure he is breathing.
it was a good day all around..the house guys, the mp guys and the barn guys all had a good day. I left the barn guys out until 5 pm cuz the weather had gotten better and I wanted them to be able to enjoy it. something scared charlotte when she was out in the upper field...suddenly she just took off to her pen. I know she wasn't hungry cuz I had already fed her. michelle thinks a dog barked over the far fence and it startled her.
she had settled when it was time to go in...she had her apple for dessert and went off to bed....wills wasn't bothered by whatever it was but he was on the other side of the field at that time.

gosh Emily has gotten big...I think she has topped percy in height. she certainly learned how to be sweet from of the nicest, gentlest cows in the world. twosey was a cheeky bugger during her time out for running around. she was trying to do the leg climb on me...but I won't let her. as soon as she starts I start hugging her. she likes that about as much as I like her attached to my leg....after three times she got it..we both like some limits on our personal space.

it was nice watching gideon rolling thru my window. he was having a really nice day.

you has been a long stressful haul but peace has once again descended on all corners of saints....thank god!


Bunny Horne

MO if you are checking in this morning, we're bringing veg and fruit for the barn guys. Lots of strawberries for Miss Ellie - they were 99 cents. See y'all soon.


Shep is turning out to be a cool barn buddy..he is such sweet ol guy and had a real trot and happy step coming out today..and how great is ..Peace at Pooh Corner..whoo hoo !!


I agree, it was a good day. Although I do admit, the MP room felt so empty without my shadow Georgia. I miss her so much. But CC wanted to play and Tess wanted hugs, and soon I was wrapped up with them with Georgia still on my mind ( and forever she will be). See you tomorrow Carol!