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i have picked the dates for this years annual Open House

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2013

Sat. June 22nd and Sun. June 23rd...11 am-3pm.
nicole is away again this year so we need folks willing to take on the advertising and organizing of the event. I as always have the week before off so I can kill myself de-junking and deep cleaning so at least the organizers don't need to worry about that part of it.

it is a big event with usually several hundred people touring thru.

anyone willing and able to be part of the group of open house organizing super-keeners????

quick! everyone raise your hand!


Barbara Ferris

Hey Everyone - long time since I posted

I would be happy to help out on Saturday.

I am glad I will be in town for this open house

Please let me know what I can do to help and or what I can bring.

Barb Ferris


Off Topic here are some of the lovely responses to the thank you e-mails I sent to our Canada Helps Donors :

1) It is our honor to be able to support your most important work. These innocent little souls, full of unconditional love so greatly deserve to be loved, safe and free from any stress.

Our fur babies were and are our precious angels. We think we care for them, but it really is the other way round. No matter how much you love them, they love you more and when you lose that love it takes you to your knees.

Thank you, to you and all the volunteers at SAINTS, the work you all do so tirelessly is so appreciated by your little ones and people who know just how special they are. You are their angels.

2)thank you for the work that you all do . I had the experience of walking your sanctuary a couple of months ago and I tell as many dog lovers (and other animal lovers too) of your people's establishment . It is surprising how many have never heard of your work and dedication.
If I had more money , I would donate more

3) It is my pleasure to support such a wonderful cause. I think the work you do is very honourable. If I ever make it out to BC I want to come and visit!

4)my pleasure,
if i can do any more to help, please let me know. i want all animals to be cared for the way that i take care of my dog

5)I think what Carol is doing is admirable. I only wish I could do more.


thx everyone!
yes shelagh the dump does have a place for yard stuff...thank you!

shelagh f

Did I see a lot of cuttings beside the back of the
shop? Maybe I could take the van and take them to
the dump, they have a place there for yard cuttings there don't they


Sorry I'm missing it again. Going to get my butt kicked at the tough mudder again.
And yes Jenn, I'll update the poster.


I can be there both days as well as anything that needs to be done
Leading up to the event- advertising,cleaning etc. I am totally excited to be part of the event that was the deciding factor to turn iny volunteer application last year to this amazing place.


oh and I can post/promote on saints facebook page and blog. maybe Nicole neff can help to coordinate volunteers for the pre cleaning and also tour guides/area monitors/morning cleaners for the days of?


I'll do the advertising and promotion and part of the pre-event deep clean