Rescue Journal

people are always telling me..i need balance in my life.

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2013

that was a good nights sleep..i was only up once for a change. this week sort of is my long 6 day in a row work is not that I picked up any is just how my current rotation works. I have started picking up extra shifts again tho starting at the end of this month. I haven't for the past couple of months just because my life was too crazy for a while but now that it is settling down, I can again meet some of my obligations for being hired on for casual work here in mission home health.
big sigh..there go some of my days off again and I so need my days off to catch up around here..oh well.

I ran out of time this past weekend and did not get the feed run done..luckily I had a big order delivered last week so we only need 10 bags of feed to see us thru this upcoming week. I can do that on my lunch break and then haul it around in the car with me.

cuz here is the thing about working and doing really doesn't matter how many hours there are in the still have to find a way to get your work, there, where ever you have committed to doing things. you do whatever it takes.

I am bad for procrastinating...oh, I will push that over to tomorrow. the problem is that when tomorrow comes..tomorrow has it's own set of responsibilities and problems. I have got to quit doing usually screws me right to the wall.

this is why I am so protective of my actual REALLY off time...a couple of hours on my days off mid-afternoons, late evenings and early mornings...those are the times I try to make sure I have nothing to do.
I sat down and figured it out..between here and my paid job..i am actually working about 90 hours per week...i spend about 42 hours sleeping and 36 hours spread a little unevenly over 7 days, doing what I want/like to do (which is pretty much nothing.) that's's balanced.

hah..who'd have thought I had balance in my life but I totally do!

this is why it is important to sometimes take the time to sit down and figure out what and when I am doing. otherwise it seems like I am always having to do something, when in reality..i do have some significant down time for me too.

see? now I feel better. I have is hard earned, it is hard to keep and not screw up..but I have it. good for me...but I still do not want to be working Monday to Saturday at my paid job this week.,,that totally sucks.