Rescue Journal

odie is still sleeping

Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2013

I will give him the meds in a few will be a bigger dose, hope it works better for him. I am dreading today and yet I am glad it is finally here...I just so want to put all of this behind us and finally once and for all move on.

what has it been...3 weeks since we lost fletcher? seems longer for some reason. such sad and far reaching ripple effects from that sweet pup's moment of madness.

once odie is done, I think I can block that horrible, out of control moment and just remember the adorably funny and sometimes so incredibly sweet, half grown, pain in the butt little dog that we lost.

hope floats.

please wish odie calm, gentle seas instead of the hysterical hurricane storm that I expect for him today.

ah odie...eye of the tiger, eye of the is just simple staples and drain removal, please don't blow it all out of proportion.



Nigel is fantastic. His shoulder is healed and he is a giant happy dog. I send him to daycare once a week to have fun and play with other dogs and he thinks its the greatest place ever. Thanks for asking!

Bunny Horne

Best wishes to both you and Odie, Carol. Look forward to reading the blog that the day went well.
Nicole, how the heck is your big boy, Nigel?


Good luck today.
Unrelated, what time is the vet coming by Monday. I'm trying to figure out how to fit saints in around Nigel's daycare time.